Change Sandwich: Discovering Delicious Resources Within

By Daniel F. Cleary

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Daniel F. Cleary

Daniel F. Cleary

A continual state of change may be the only constant in our lives. When we become aware of how to consciously craft effective changes and allow the expansion of our abilities, we discover the joy of living more fully each day.

Consider a sandwich. What kind of bread would you like most on your favorite sandwich? You know all the flavors and textures on your special sandwich, consider them now. Many people enjoy lettuce and tomato. Those big, red, earthy, summer tomatoes may be some of my favorites. What do you imagine on your sandwich when you consider all the wonderful ingredients of your “House Special.” Think for a moment of where each ingredient is; in the refrigerator, the breadbox, or in the cabinets. Perhaps you will have to go to the store to obtain the best and freshest ingredients to create this satisfying snack for yourself.

When you have brought together all of the ingredients, perhaps you would enjoy a beverage with this special sandwich. Some people prefer to eat outside on a porch or in the yard while others relax best and enjoy listening to excellent music in their favorite room while taking extra time to appreciate their sandwich creation. Whatever is easiest and best for you is the way you can relate well to this now. Makes your mouth water doesn’t it? Excellent flavors and textures always begin to satisfy and remind us how good things are in life.

Why am I speaking of sandwiches? Because in that sandwich, we have identified a need or desire in our life: satisfying hunger. We then redefined it with specific detail: a sandwich fulfills the desire.

At this point we compared our wants with our available resources and began to consider what additional resources we had yet to acquire. Then we took the appropriate actions to utilize our resources and produce that delicious sandwich. Whatever our goals or desires, this is the model for effective change.

Perhaps you see now how simply powerful we can all easily be when we are ready to expand our abilities. You may also understand why I feel that the best use of our abilities is to share them. Today may bring an insight or the further expansion of awareness or we may find other benefits as we continue to enjoy using these easy techniques. Because we consciously consider and recognize as well as utilize our resources we begin to receive more of the rewards and joys of enhancing our abilities through consciously creating change.