Hypnosis moves into 21st century with Hypnotic-Coaching™

Debra Berndt, Dr. Ed Chavez, and Zoilita Grant

Hypnotic-Coaching™ gives hypnosis the opportunity to join the fastest growing profession in human relations, coaching, with the extra advantage of hypnosis. Appealing to an entirely new client market, Hypnotic-Coaching ™ combines the skills of Life Coaching and self hypnosis training. Hypnotic-Coaches ™ work with self esteem and empowerment, life design, prosperity, sports, peak performance, teamwork, dating, sales, real-estate and much more. Utilizing techniques of classical hypnosis, Hypnotic-Coaching™ focuses on the achievement of goals: Performance goals, Learning goals and Fulfillment goals.

With the American population becoming more open to understanding how the mind affects the quality of life, more people are looking for ways to harness their mind power to reach their goals. The profession of coaching has emerged in the marketplace and opportunities to create a six-figure income as Hypnotic-Coaching™ professionals are unlimited. People are already seeking the help of coaches to help them achieve both personal and professional goals the use of self-hypnosis will accelerate their success. The market is wide open for Hypnotic-Coaching™ professionals to stake their ground and make their fortune. Aside from getting the proper training, it is imperative that they learn how to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, create complementary products, and become a leader in their field. Having clearly defined prospective clients will help them achieve this.

A multitude of opportunities are available for Hypnotic-Coaches™. In the professional world, business executives, sales professionals, and newly self-employed individuals, already seek coaches to take them to the next level. The combination of coaching with self-hypnosis is appealing to those who wish to develop their inner game. Corporations spend millions on the personal development of their executives and employees. People are also turning to coaches for their personal lives. Some find themselves in career transitions, health issues and relationship challenges and need support rather than therapy. This is the ideal time for Hypnotic-Coaching™.

Dating Hypnosis is very effective to educate singles to make wiser choices in their romantic life. Using self hypnosis increases their confidence and belief in themselves. They feel better about themselves and make more successful choices. Many clients enjoy the coaching process because, unlike therapy, they see themselves as a whole and healthy person which enables them to experience more immediate results. Hypnotic-Coaching™ blends classical hypnosis techniques with the coaching style to attract a new and more success orientated clientele.

Since most coaches include visualizations in their tool box, Hypnotic-Coaching ™ is a natural evolution to this new profession. Hypnotic-Coaching™ is a wonderful way to empower individuals to move beyond the blocks that they set up in their own mind without dwelling on the past. Hypnotic-Coaching™ is focused on the achievement of the goal. The work is rewarding and the opportunities for wealth in this field are unlimited.

In the world of sports, athletes are constantly looking for something to give them a competitive edge and improve their performance. No matter how physically prepared an athlete is, if they are unprepared mentally, their performance will suffer. By using visualization, positive imagery, self–hypnosis and positive suggestions, athletes can use the power of their minds to take their sports performance to new levels. Clients ranging from the recreational athlete to those on an Elite level!

Hypnotic-Coaches™ help their clients to: set goals, develop effective pre-performance routines, develop quality practices, reverse and release the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are blocking them from achieving peak performance, program effective autosuggestions for enhancing optimal states, and anchor positive states for easy future access. This way, athletes can condition their minds, just as thoroughly as they condition their bodies.

In order to accomplish a collective goal, it is essential that all the members of a team are working together. If a group lacks cohesion, this can lead to decreased productivity, conflicts or hostility among members, miscommunication, apathy and lack of involvement, and a general sense of negativity. Without effective communication and collaboration skills, and a greater sense of cooperation and trust between team members, a team is seriously limited. Hypnotic-Coaching™ is excellent for building dynamic teams. It provides valuable tools and processes in working with groups and teams in a variety of settings, from athletic teams to corporations. Hypnotic-Coaches™ help teams establish a method and an approach that fuels success by: Creating team unity, setting goals, working with affirmations, trusting team members, taking responsibility, and developing a team mission. These powerful team building techniques are used to guide any team to success!

Hypnotic-Coaching™ takes classical hypnosis into to an entirely new client market. This expansion will bring opportunities for well trained Hypnotic-Coaches™ to attain a six figure incomes. By combining the skills of the Life Coaching and the power of hypnosis, Hypnotic-Coaches™ step into mainstream America. Performance goals, Learning goals and Fulfillment goals are made attainable through the power of the mind.

Debra Berndt

Debra Berndt

Debra Berndt is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dating Expert, Author, Speaker, Coach and the creator of Attract Love Today™ — a self-hypnosis system to attract true love. Berndt is a regular guest on Denver’s Channel 7 News and a contributor to Denver’s Lifestyles magazines. Berndt has been interviewed on radio stations internationally and spoken at conferences across the United States promoting the power of the subconscious and benefits of self-hypnosis. Berndt’s online store is the fastest growing provider of self-hypnosis products on the web. Berndt also has 15 years of experience in television, radio, advertising and internet marketing.

Dr. Ed Chavez

Dr. Ed Chavez

Dr. Ed Chavez has a Doctorate in Sport Psychology, and he is the founder and director of The Institute of Optimal Performance (IOP), located in Colorado Springs, CO. The IOP serves Professional, Olympic, collegiate, and youth athletes. He is one of the leading authorities in the area of optimal states of consciousness. Through his extensive research, he was able to evaluate the variables associated with increasing the frequency of optimal states, or ‘the zone’, as well as assess the factors that prevent this state in athletes. He is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, and uses hypnosis as an adjunct to guiding athletes to peak performance.

Zoilita Grant. When it comes to providing people with tools to improve their lives, Zoilita Grant is truly a pioneer. As a nationally known Hypnotic-Coach TM and teacher, Zoilita has dedicated her life to helping people heal themselves. After more than thirty years of private psychotherapy practice, Zoilita is now focused on Hypnotic-Coaching TM and teaching. She has a line of Hypnosis CDs for the public and has written and published over twenty-seven books for Hypnosis practitioners. She is the Director of the Colorado Coaching and Hypnotherapy Training Institute.