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James Duncan CHt

James Duncan CHt

Colors are a wonderful tool for use in healing modalities as well as in discernment of energy issues, and yet I caution when teaching that interpretation of color should not be based on a list of meanings set up by someone else or as a list of healing benefit designed for some specific protocol.

The key to healing energy in color is that it needs to be a communication of truth. The truth of what one color means to various people can be extremely different based on life experiences or traditions. Belief in colors’ strengths can have a large influence as well. So, if suggesting to a client that they bathe themselves in a certain color of light, it is often good to know what they perceive colors to hold in their healing qualities. Colors have many diverse and often potent qualities and meanings based on cultural consciousness. Our cultures are a part of our energy make-up and should never be disregarded.

When teaching my Elevated Communication Healing Techniques course we work on seeing and reading aura. I point out that it is not so much the colors of the aura that we need to be aware of, but more so if there are spikes or breaks in that aura. The aura can communicate many things. The colors integrated in the subtle energy fields of a person’s space may represent the colors they are projecting about their state of well-being, they may project the colors they are using at that moment to heal an issue, or they may project the colors they are in need of drawing in to achieve a balancing of energy for some issue. Ultimately it is important to remember that every color is good. The only coloring variation I ever interpret as detrimental in some way or make comment about to the client is if there is “muddiness to the aura. If the color isn’t clear and vibrating with “life” or if it seems sickly or stagnant and has a cloudiness or muddiness to it, which will indicate to me, there is something definitely out of whack.

Keeping this in mind, it will remind us that when we look at a person’s aura we do not make the statements that you see a certain color and that it may possibly mean something is wrong or that you perceive a color and it means something is wonderful unless you definitely feel that truth based on YOU AND THE CLIENT and not on some color reference chart. In my experience, it is all about the overall energy and consistency of the aura and not about the colors involved.

Example, a solid black aura may indicate that the person is processing out a lot of things all at once that have been interfering in some way. Yet the same can be said of a completely white aura. It may simply be that that person vibrates their energy needs in a different way. A bright red aura may indicate that someone is extremely agitated or perhaps burning off something problematic, or it may be an indicator that internally the person is exceptionally calm and they have moved the “aggressive” energy to the outside of their organism, or that they are energetically protecting that inner calm.

The options for interpreting and using color are infinite. And so when we remove ego or protocol from our work, and approach it from that place of ego-free love, we can step outside of beliefs in color and meaning and actually work much more effectively with the auras we perceive and the colors we use to suggest healing to our clients.

Please consider these ideas and use what feels true for you, or use them as a motivation to explore new thoughts on color and develop the truth that vibrates most powerfully in your reality and for your clients.

In Love,

James Duncan, CHt. is a globally recognized master of hypnotherapy and vibrational healing techniques. His courses and lectures are attended by hypnotherapists, medical professionals and holistic practitioners from around the world. Visit him on the web at www.DuncanHypnotherapy.com