Kathy Moore

Kathy Moore

By Kathy Moore, Director San Antonio’s Wellness Center

Back in 1994, long before I ever suspected I would grow up to be a hypnotist, I went to a psychotherapist for “workaholism.”  One of the things I told her at the time was that I wanted to increase my intuitive ability.  I somehow knew that I needed to unclog blocked emotions in order to increase my intuitiveness.  I told her I felt “emotionally constipated.”  She looked rather shocked when I said I had not cried in seven years.

“Is that unusual?” I asked.

“Yes” was all she said.

Over the course of the next eleven months, we would dig into my past, much as a plumber unclogs a drain with a plumber’s snake.  She used some talk therapy, but the technique that accomplished the most, the fastest, was Past Life Regression.

With her help, I uncovered several lifetimes that were tragic and painful, lifetimes in which I covered up my grief.  Through the process of uncovering these lifetimes and releasing the stuck grief of the past, I got “unconstipated.”

Today I use Past Life Regression with “stuck” clients.  I also use “Time Line
Therapy.” ™
I refer to Time Line as “emotional vacuum cleaning.”  It releases the following primary emotions in this order: anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, and any other emotions the client suggests.  It is also an excellent way to release stuck “limiting beliefs,” like:  “I’m not good enough.” Or “Bad things always happen to me.”

Time Line takes the person back to the root experience, wherever it is: childhood, birth experience, in utero, past life or genealogical.  I have seen some amazing and instantaneous reactions with this technique.  Clients frequently state that they feel lighter, like a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders.  I’m amazed at how many feelings of worthlessness start in the womb.  Remember, if the mother is having a bad pregnancy, under tremendous stress, the baby gets all those stress hormones.  One client discovered that his feelings of “not good enough” started when his mother was carrying him.  His father was worried about not being able to support a child and had expressed that to the mother.

If stuck emotions seem to be holding you back, Past Life or Time Line are two of the techniques I can heartily recommend.  For other suggestions, contact me by phone or email.  I’ll be happy to tell you about them.

Kathy Moore is the Director of San Antonio’s Wellness Center. You can find Kathy at Moore Inspirations.

She is a Board Certified Hypnotist and teaches and speaks about hypnosis and other motivational and wellness topics.  You can experience Sixty Days of Mind Power Techniques by visiting her blog at Mooreinspire’s Weblog.  You may also experience a free anti-anxiety hypnosis session by visiting her YouTube channel at Moore Inspire on YouTube.