End-of-Life Library

Kelley T. Woods and Roger Moore have created this End-of-Life Library for practitioners who have completed our End-of-Life Hypnosis Training.

As we find new resources we will post them here so be sure t visit this page often. We ask that you do not share the link to this page with anyone.

As you find new articles, videos and recordings, please email them to Roger so that they can be shared in our End-of-Life Library.

End-of-Life Library



Ask a Death Doula

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters at End of Life

End-of-Life University Ep.-222-The Benefits of Medical Hypnosis at the End-of-Life with Roger Moore

by Karen Wyatt & Roger Moore

Dr. David Grube – Compassion & Choices Medical Director

End-of-Life University Podcasts

by Karen Wyatt

Living A Good Life--To The Very End

Living While Dying: An ALS Story

NPR: The End of Life

What Would You Do If You Were Going To Die Soon?


Living While Dying,
A Contingency Plan

Adam Hayden

The Loneliness Epidemic:
Causes, Consequences and Solutions

Jane Barton

We don’t “move on”
from grief.

We move forward with it.

Nora McInerny