By: Anne. H. Spencer, PhD

Anne Spencer, Ph.D.

Anne Spencer, Ph.D.

One of the most unexpected events in my life was to be doing a regression for weight reduction and find myself involved in an exorcism.

It happened this way. I was asked to work with a national author and speaker who had a weight problem. We’ll call her Rose. I first met rose via telephone as I had written her to say how much her book had helped me understand myself and some of my clients. Rose called to thank me and said she would be in my city a few months hence. We met for lunch and the friendship began.

Upon one of her tours she called and asked if I’d do some hypnotherapy with her. After dinner we went to her hotel room where she told me about weight problem. I suggested that probably her problem began a long time ago. She agreed and since she believed in reincarnation and had some minimal work with hypnosis years ago, rose was open to using regression. I used Non-directive hypnotherapy to take her back in time. I might ad that Rose is a very spiritual and metaphysical woman. She meditates regularly and understands the power of the subconscious mind.

Before we began, she got out her A Course In Miracles book, her gemstones and crystals. When she was comfortable on the bed with her pouch of gemstones laid on her solar plexus her crystals in her hand, I then opened ACIM and read a passage. Rose began to relax, feel peaceful and spiritually prepare herself for the discovery to come.

We began by using Elman’s rapid induction leading to somnambulism. Rose was a good and willing subject and so the story began. Dr. A: “Rose when I count from 3 to 1 you will go even deeper and as I snap my fingers your Inner Wisdom will take you to a situation that deals with the cause of your overweight. 3 … deeper, 2 … deeper and deeper …1 … [snap].”

Rose’s closed eyes began to go back and forth as if searching for something. After a few moments I said. “What’s happening?”

Rose: “I’m a young girl, 16 or 17. My father sent me to town; we are poor and live outside the village. It is a long walk. I’m alone on a cobblestone street. I have on a low cut peasant blouse, full skirt and am barefoot. There are solders coming toward me. Oh! I’m afraid. They are looking at me and I know what they want. Oh, this has happened before. On no … don’t.” Pause…

Dr. A: “What’s happening, Rose?”

Rose: “They are forcing me between buildings and one has pushed me down on the ground and he’s raping me over and over again. The other is just watching and waiting his turn. I yell for help, I cry. I try to get free, but no one comes. Oh, I’m so hurt and so angry [crying]. Now the other one rapes me. He laughs an ugly laugh and they leave. I feel so ugly, so used and abused and I, oh…”

Rose covers her eyes and says, “Oh no, I know what has happened.” In this one moment she has linked the past with the present.

Rose: “No this can’t be.”

Dr. A: “What can’t be?”

Rose: “I’m possessed with a spirit and I took it on as a way to become powerful. I gave up myself for power.”

Dr. A: “Tell me about it.”

Rose: “I made a deal with the evil spirit that he could have me if he’d give me power over men. And he said, ‘I give you the power.’ Since then I have not been free, before I was free.”

Dr. A: “Are you ready to expel the evil spirit?”

Rose: Yes, I am.”

Dr. A: “Let me get ready for this, take a deep breath, relax and go deeper.”

Rose’s eyes opened still in trance, and she told me to take a bottle of out of her case. It was blessed oil from a Medicine Man. She asked me to open and lay  A Course in Miracles over her abdomen.

I made a cross out of paper clips that I had in my wallet and got out my crystal pendulum. Both were in my left hand while as I made the sign of the cross over her body to help beak the energy field. I then took Rose’s hand in my right hand and she began to relax and go deeper.

To look are Rose lying on the hotel bed, you would never guess that she had an evil spirit in her. She did not act out or seem possessed in any way.

Dr. A: “Rose it is now time to say a prayer and call forth God to be in our presence as we begin this exorcism. [we prayed silently and Rose nodded when she was ready to begin]. Rose take a deep breath and go deeper as I anoint your forehead with this oil.” [As I did her body heaved and the entity began to leave.]

Rose: “You’ve started it, oh God! Jesus, sweet Jesus, I forgive everyone past, present and future who I perceived has harmed me in any way. I forgive myself past, present and future. By the power of Jesus the Christ I let go of this evil power, Jesus, Jesus help me.”

Her voice lovingly embraced the idea of Jesus helping her and we continued for about 35 minutes. My role was that of total support and prayer as Rose called forth Jesus to expel and help her release. As the covenant with the evil spirit was broken, her body would heave as she released more and more of this negative energy. The right side of her body is where she physically felt the departure and where I saw physical changes.

Rose: “It’s leaving me. It’s part way out my head. There is still some left on my right shoulder up through my eye and forehead. Be gone. I release you, past, present and future in the name of Jesus. With Jesus be gone. [Pause] More is gone. Almost all gone now. [Pause] I release you. Jesus … Jesus … ”

Dr. A: While holding the cross over her forehead, “You are doing fine Rose.” I then commanded: “In the name of Jesus be gone, NOW. Evil Spirit Be Gone NOW!” And so we continued.

As she finished, and I say ‘she’ because Rose really was in charge of the exorcism – her face was peaceful and looked youthful. While we worked together with the Holy Spirit and Jesus the evil spirit spoke to her. Rose told him he no longer had power over her and declared: “I am free.”

When Rose had finished letting go of this evil energy that had been with her over several incarnations, she said she understood why she felt the way she had toward me. She realized why she had attracted who would defile her, because she could then punish them in some way. Most importantly she understood that she always had the power and that she really gave up her power, when out of anger and frustration, she made her covenant with ‘the devil’.

Dr A: Rose Breathe deeply. We do not live in a vacuum or a void and so now we must fill you up with the white light of Love. Allow the white light to begin to flow into your body through the crown of your head to the tips of your toes. When you are completely filled, head, neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen, lower body, spine, legs, feet, and hands, filled … let me know by squeezing my hand. [Squeeze] Good you are doing fine. Now let your body breathe in and out the white light – through your nostrils, the pores of your skin, and mouth. Let it completely surround you and fill you, the white light of Love. When you have done this squeeze my hand. [Squeeze] You are doing fine. When you are ready, body, mind and spirit coming back together – feeling and knowing your true power – open your eyes … NOW.”

What Rose and I learned so graphically is that the casting out of the evil spirit was within her control. We used her spiritual connection and belief in Jesus to sustain her trance work. It is imperative that the therapist use the belief system of the client. When minds are joined, the flow of Universal Energy acts like a lazar beam. In this case the energy of good overpowered that of evil and the evil spirit left.

It is my understanding on a very deep level of consciousness, that everyone makes up their own lifetimes and accepts into it whatever they perceive will allow them to be happy.

Time after time I have observed my clients struggling to give up, to forgive their self defeating angry emotions. These emotions hang around their necks like an Albatross. Finally, when they realize that in order to really be free they must cut the cord, they do by letting go of old grudges, resentments, fears, anger and guilt. Often it is extremely difficult. The client many times has had these emotions so buried in the subconscious that they are long forgotten until seen once again in trance. Once seen, re-experienced and forgiven then the awakening occurs. With this, they are enlightened and have access to a new way of looking at relationships, past present and future.

It is gratifying to watch a client open his/her eyes which are no w clear and sparkling and joyfully say, “I really do love me and my mom and dad, etc. … thank you for helping me.”

In Rose’s case the weight is not only a protection, but a way to be big and powerful. She now knows that she is free to choose a different physical appearance and still have true power. We are working on the protection issue.

In conclusion, what I thought was going to be a rather routine session turned into a mighty learning experience for both of us. It is true, the mind has stored within it everything we could need or imagine. Our potential is infinite!

Since this first experience with ‘attachments’ I have taken specific training in Spirit Releasement Therapy. I also have noticed in theses 28 years as a Hypnotherapist that one is never given a case that one is not on some level equipped to handle.

The Infinity Institute on-line store has a DVD called Spirit Depossession Through Love that happened while teaching my Advanced Hypnosis Class as well as a DVD by Irene Hickman, DO of a workshop that included Non-directive Hypnosis, Regression and Spirits Being Released and of course the books titled Spirit Releasement Therapy and Remote Depossession.

Dr. Anne Spencer, PhD

~ Dr. Anne Spencer, PhD is the first woman to develop and found a State licensed hypnosis training school in the USA – Infinity Institute International, Inc – 1980 and has affiliate schools worldwide teaching her 120+ hour curriculum – Basic Self Hypnosis, Advanced Hypnosis and Medical Hypnoanalysis.

Dr. Spencer is also the first woman to found an International Hypnosis Association, the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association® in 1986. The National Guild of Hypnotists inducted Dr. Spencer into the Order of Braid in 2006 for a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication and service to the profession of Hypnotism. It is the center piece of the NGH award system.

Today Spencer is semi-retired and sees clients two days a week. She is a noted educator, publisher, author, therapist, TV personality and speaker. She has been selected for inclusion in Who’s Who of America and of the World and is celebrating 73 Grand years on the planet! Dr. Spencer is truly a legend in her own time.

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