Your Health and Your Life!

By Zoilita Grant MS. CCHt.

Zoilita Grant

Zoilita Grant

Hypnosis … the very word conveys dramatic images. We either imagine a strange character waving a pendulum or a group of silly people on a stage acting like ducks or chickens. Both of these images imply that hypnosis can be used to control your mind. Nothing could be further from the truth. No one can ever use hypnosis to control you. You give your permission when you are being hypnotized. In fact all hypnosis is self – hypnosis and it is an incredible tool for managing your mind.

The human mind and its processes have always seemed as mysterious and fascinating as the universe itself, but the investigation of the nature of the mind has become the province of experimental science only during relatively recent times. The scientific approach has paid rich dividends in knowledge. During the last century, we have discovered that mental processes connect to emotional experiences and affect the patterns of health and disease.

More and more as we move into the 21st century, we have become aware that there is a tremendous connection between what happens in our minds and how it affects our bodies. Most of our serious diseases are thought to have mental and emotional factors. Some of the latest research on creating wellness talks about beginning with our minds. Visualization techniques are being widely used to fight disease.

Our mind is the center of our very complex nervous system. Networks of nerve cells run throughout the body, connecting every tissue to our mind. Electrical impulses travel along these pathways at high speeds leaping across narrow gaps between cells, relaying information to and from our mind. Our mind itself has two parts, a conscious and subconscious. Most of us are pretty familiar with the conscious mind. It organizes and runs our outer life. But many of our decisions that affect our life actually come from our subconscious. The subconscious is very powerful and has many functions.

  1. Serves as a Memory Bank. Here in the brain with the help of billions of tiny interconnected nerve cells, everything that we have ever experienced is stored. The subconscious is actually the very cells of the body storing a maze of memory patterns which, when activated will feed information to the conscious mind. Nothing is ever erased unless the computer in the subconscious mind gives that command.
  2. Controls and Regulates the Involuntary Functions of the Body. These are breathing, circulation, metabolism, digestion, hormone balance etc … Hypnosis can be used to affect all these areas.
  3. The Subconscious in the Seat of our Emotions. Since our emotions govern the strength of our desires, and these affect our behavior, many behavior issues have a very strong emotional content. Hypnosis can be used to release stored emotions.
  4. It is the Home of the Imagination. Even when not used; each of us has a strong and active imagination that can be used in a positive way to create our goals. Creative Visualization done in trance is one of the greatest secrets of success.
  5. It Carries out Habitual Conduct. Through the use of direct & indirect suggestion in hypnosis we can create a system of habits that support and create our goals.
  6. The Subconscious is the Dynamo that Directs our Energy, and Drives us towards our Goals. It generates and releases energy, and if is not consciously directed, it is directed by circumstances and chance. Through positive reprogramming the subconscious is directed towards creating our goals.

Hypnosis is the most practical and effective way to enter the subconscious mind, which is very suggestible when you talk to it in the right way. Hypnotherapists are people who are trained to work with hypnosis to help people create positive changes in their lives. The field of hypnotherapy stretches from traditional work with weight, smoking and stress to clinical uses of hypnosis. In the clinical field, hypnosis has been very effective in working with head injuries, pain management, and life threatening diseases.

Self Hypnosis is a wonderful way to start creating positive changes in your life. The best way to learn is actually in trance. Go into trance using the following formula: “Close your eyes, take in three deep breaths, count backwards from ten to one, relax your body, relax your mind… you will be in a deep state of hypnosis.” anchor “each and every time you want to practice your self hypnosis close your eyes, take in three deep breaths, count backwards from ten to one, relax your mind and you will be in a deep state of hypnosis.” Begin your suggestions and your visualizations.

Guidelines for Suggestions:
1. Motivation and desire must be strong, before you use a suggestion think about why you want it to happen. 2. Always be positive and enthusiastic. 3. Always use the present tense, imagine yourself achieving the goal now. 4. Suggest action; see yourself in the act of doing what you want. 5. be specific. 6. Keep language simple and direct.  Fuel visualizations and suggestions with positive emotions. 8. Use repetition especially of key words and phrases. 9. Bring yourself back to waking consciousness.

You can easily learn this, and once you master this technique, you open the door to great potential. It has been estimated that the average human being uses 3 to 7% of their mind’s capacity. By using hypnosis you can learn to operate your wonderful bio computer. Your mind holds the key to your health and your life.

Change Your Mind…Change Your Life…