“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” – Shakespeare

By Dr. Anne Spencer

Sir Oliver Lodge said: “The universe is ruled by mind. Whether it be the mind of a mathematician, of an artist, of a poet or all of them and more; it is the one reality that gives meaning to existence, enriches our daily task, encourages our hope, energizes us with faith and feeling whenever knowledge fails, and illuminates the whole universe with immortal love.”

Love is everywhere in this great universe waiting for you to enjoy its splendor. It is the prime mover in life that motivates men and women to accomplish greatness. Love dwells within; it is the ‘Spirit within’ that the philosophers tell us about. It is what dreams are made from and reality becomes. Whether you are here on planet earth or not, LOVE IS. It knows no bounds, no beginning, no end; it is infinite.

What does this mean to you, here and now in your daily life; where does it fit with your destiny?

There are really only two emotions – Love and its opposite Fear. Every positive or negative emotion has as its source love or fear. Take a moment to think about this and how true it is. Where does happiness come from and where does anger come from? Happiness fills you when you are feeling full of love. Anger rears its head when you are afraid of loosing something, and so on.

You are body, mind, spirit and emotion and have the ability, as part of your being to make choices. Since there are no neutral thoughts your mind makes either positive or negative choices. You therefore have the power to look with love upon everything in your world. When you look with love you become a “state of wellness”, because you cannot be positive and negative, with and without, well and ill at the same time. Universal law dictates one or the other. A state of wellness means that you have released (given up) suffering, fear, unhappiness, anger, loneliness, guilt, all of the negative emotions. You are feeling good, you are smiling, there is a song in your heart, you meet and greet others with enthusiasm and you enjoy serenity. You become aware of the present moment and take time to savor the NOW of your life! You love yourself right where you are. Remember you can not give to others what you do not have yourself, so it is imperative to nurture your soul with self-love. Then and only then will you have plenty to share with others.

As you have a pulse, a heartbeat so too does the universe. Do you want to be part of the universal force? “Yes,” you say. Then let your love pour fourth, become a flowing channel. Love where you are; love who you are – every cell, every tissue, every bone, every ounce, love what you have and know that you will always have this or something better. When you let your love out into the world it becomes a thunderous experience for everyone.

You have the choice. If you desire, you can always find love. It may not be packaged the way you expected, in fact it may present a challenge to you. But then, you thrive on challenges, in fact they are the proteins of growth, physical and spiritual. Without challenge, you would become like a stagnate pond that has no where to pour its life giving waters. Challenges give you the opportunity to demonstrate your love of self and of others; to rise to love’s level of vibration; they commission you to greatness. Your energy will be felt around the globe. This is when you truly become ‘One with the Universe!’

It is in the inner reaches of your mind that love resides. Reach in and empower yourself with the gift given to you as an individualized expression of the Creative Force. Let your cup be heaped up, pressed down and pouring over with love.

In closing remember: “Nothing can endure which had not its foundation in love. For love alone diminishes not, but shines with its own light; makes an end of discord, softens the fires of hate, restores peace in the world, brings together the sundered, redresses wrong, aids all and injures none; and whoso invokes its aid will find peace and safety, and have no fear or further ill.”   -Act of Hhorodlo (1413 AD)

Happy Valentines Day!

Carpe Diem…

Dr. Anne Spencer, PhD

Dr. Anne Spencer, PhD

~ Dr. Anne Spencer, PhD is the first woman to develop and found a State licensed hypnosis training school in the USA – Infinity Institute International, Inc – 1980 and has affiliate schools worldwide teaching her 120+ hour curriculum – Basic Self Hypnosis, Advanced Hypnosis and Medical Hypnoanalysis.

Dr. Spencer is also the first woman to found an International Hypnosis Association, the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association® in 1986. The National Guild of Hypnotists inducted Dr. Spencer into the Order of Braid in 2006 for a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication and service to the profession of Hypnotism. It is the center piece of the NGH award system.

Today Spencer is semi-retired and sees clients two days a week. She is a noted educator, publisher, author, therapist, TV personality and speaker. She has been selected for inclusion in Who’s Who of America and of the World and is celebrating 73 Grand years on the planet! Dr. Spencer is truly a legend in her own time.

Contact Dr. Anne Spencer via email at aspencer@infinityinst.com or visit her Infinity Institute web site.