By James Duncan, C.Ht. © 2003

James Duncan, CHt

James Duncan, CHt

Almost any person can be trained through hypnosis for pain management, to relieve anxiety, regain muscle control and to respond positively to treatment of any kind. Suggestions are given for controlling pain and discomfort if it becomes particularly intense, but leaves the client the ability to experience any natural warning signs that need to be addressed as discomfort is designed to do just that. Once the issue is addressed the discomfort is programmed to disappear. Many people can immediately experience relief in just a few seconds. Hypnotic methods for pain relief are many and varied. The choice of method would depend upon the condition and personality of the client. Attitude is a major influencing factor in the successful use of hypnosis. It is important that the client accepts and expects that relief is possible.

It is often difficult for a client with no personal experience in formal hypnotic induction to accept that relief can be dramatic and quick. Many times a simple exercise in hypnotic relaxation techniques with basic post hypnotic suggestion to illustrate the effectiveness of the session are all it takes to turn the opinion of skeptical or analytical clients. The result is then a change in the belief and expectancy, which is so crucial for success. It is very important to know that at all times it is the client themselves who bring about the changes they desire through the use of their own hyper-focused subconscious mind. It is an exceptionally powerful tool.

In my own work with people facing cancer, Marfan syndrome and other chronic or catastrophic diagnosis, the results are astounding. Pain-free living is attainable. Drug and chemotherapies are often completely free of side effects. Immune function increases, energy increases, sleep is restful and healing, anxiety is virtually eliminated, blood pressure and heart rate are controlled, recover times from surgical procedures are greatly improved, to name just a few of the positive benefits made to the challenges faced by those diagnosed with “catastrophic” illnesses. The only difference that these people have from the average man on the street is that they desire, expect and believe they can find relief in a positive and relaxing way through hypnosis.

I urge everyone to investigate further and experience the benefits of this wonderful tool that requires nothing more than the imagination we were born to explore and enjoy.

James Duncan is a Life Fellow of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association® and serves on the Board of Directors as Chairman of IMDHA Mentoring Programs. He was the first IMDHA Certified Forensic Hypnotist in the State of Michigan and is a Certified Spiritual Hypnotherapist. He is a regular speaker with organizations such as Gilda’s Club and The National Marfan Foundation. He is listed in Who’s Who in America; Who’s Who in Emerging Leaders; Who’s Who in Rising Young Americans. Mr. Duncan has an extensive background in Training the Trainer, How to Handle Difficult People, and Working in Multi-Cultural Environments.