By : Michael Ellner

Michael Ellner

Michael Ellner

Many of the health care professionals that I talk to tell me that job related stress is sucking the joy out of their lives. They report feeling “overloaded” or “stuck.” Work, work, work; study, study, study; practice, practice, practice. They don’t have time for fun any more! I tell them that they are at serious risk of developing a “Fun Deficiency Disorder” (FDD).

Are you in danger of developing a FDD?
The symptoms of FDD are:

* Generalized seriousity
* Feeling stuck
* Never having enough time
* Always feeling tired
* Extreme boredom
* Every thing seems just so damn hard to do
* Nothing is fun any more

FDD sufferers are in “chronic survivor mode”. Everything seems more frightening, more painful, and more stressful in these “fight or flight” states. Untreated, FDD often becomes a vicious reactive loop and the symptoms become more severe over time. FDD sufferers are acutely aware that they desperately need fun in their lives, but wonder how can they possibly relax and have fun when there is just so much to do? Or maybe they just have forgotten how to have fun…

The great news is that QUANTUM FOCUSING is a series of easy- to-learn mental exercises that Alan Barsky and I developed to
help health professionals and their patients or clients develop emotional flexibility and relaxation skills. These exercises automatically help them feel better, heal faster, and have more fun. QUANTUM FOCUSING teaches people how to focus their
attention in ways that automatically move them out of their “survival states” and into mindsets that promote thriving and enjoying work and play.

So, in addition to improving your personal and professional lives, QUANTUM FOCUSING is the perfect set of tools or adjuncts for PTs, OTs, RTs and speech therapists.

QUANTUM FOCUSING is based on the awareness that simply being grounded, balanced, and focused when working with patients or clients who are grounded, balanced, and focused will improve the sessions and promote healing, well being, and functioning at
higher levels. It is enlightening to discover that two or three minutes of relaxation and focused attention between activities throughout the day can have huge benefits in terms of how you and your patients/clients feel and act.

I am hoping that some of you will give yourself and your patients/clients the QUANTUM FOCUSING Edge and share your experiences with your colleagues and me.

Michael Ellner, DD., CHT, MSH, has helped thousands of people take charge of their lives, health, and careers. He has gained global recognition in helping people develop attitudes and mind sets that promote healing, self-empowerment and being more effective.

For the past 20 years Ellner has been extraordinarily successful in guiding people to develop the happy hearts, playful spirits, and peaceful minds necessary for getting the most out of their innate skills and abilities.

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