Okka Holthuis

Okka Holthuis

A couple of weeks ago I a got a call from a dear colleague, who had heard about my upcoming LuxMani seminar, and wanted to know how and in which way an energy oriented program would enhance her abilities as a hypnotist.

When I began studying the Healing Arts I was trained in a wide variety of energy based modalities: Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, just to name a few. Hypnosis was added at a later point in my carrier, so the question how energy based modalities could make us better hypnotist, did not occur to me in that way.

What I have come to understand so far is that everything is energy; that there is an energy field around and within us, and that through this field we are connected to the entire universe.

When all is energy (physics has proven that energy cannot get lost but only change forms), then EVERYTHING, you and I, and all that is around us, is a form of energy, vibrating on different levels.

Now, let us take the concept of ’all is energy’ one step further: our thoughts and words are energy too. Perhaps you can imagine the words we speak and thoughts we think, as ripples appearing in a pond when a stone is thrown. At first the ripples are visible. The further out they go the less noticeable for our eyes they become. We might not be able to notice at all that once the ripples reach the shore, they will return to the place of origin, nor can we see that the stone causes ripples all the way down to the ground.

By imagining our words and thoughts as ripples of energy, affecting all that is in our pond – the universe – returning back to us at some point, we might be able to fathom the impact our words and thoughts have.

As hypnotists we use words to connect with the conscious mind, bypassing the critical faculty in order to allow the subconscious mind – our oldest and wisest part within – to create the shift inside that brings about deeper understanding and the desired changes. How often have you been surprised that changes occur in areas that were not even addressed? In my work with clients, I have been allowed time and time again to witness the occurrence of these wonderful changes.

We all know about words, some affect us positively; others may have left us with less than wonderful feelings. Like words, thoughts affect us. When we think about a person and a moment later the phone rings and he or she is on the other end… we call this synchronicity and it is based on the energy of thoughts and the field or matrix that connects us.

When we work with our clients, we assist in opening a place for change and re-balancing that is created through verbal as well as non-verbal means and held by intent. The more consciously we do this, the more effective we are in our work. That is why I believe that hypnotist can greatly benefit from training that hones our conscious awareness of energy and energy shift.

As we begin to notice the differences within ourselves when we change our internal talk to a more self-accepting conversation, we start to become more aware of the effect for our clients. That is why the LuxMani classes begin with an opening trance in which we get in touch with our true essence. Once you have been in touch with who you truly are as this awe-some, loving being, it gets more difficult to go back to the old ways of thinking about yourself. And at the same time this awareness opens the pathway for seeing others for who they truly are. In this field of Love and acceptance shift can happen even more easily and effortlessly.

Do you remember entering a room where the tension felt almost visible? Tension is energy and sometimes our emotions can cause similar effects, within our own energy field and the energy fields around us. Dis-ease often appears in an energy field as a blockage. Consciously recognizing those blockages and clearing the field by using our power of thought and intent creates a place where healing can occur more easily.

When we work with our clients and ask their innate wisdom to make the appropriate changes, the client does all the work; we assist. And when my clients work so hard to make the desired changes, I like to be the best assistant I can be, supporting their efforts in the most loving and beneficial way possible. So while they are in their state of change, I will pay close attention to their process, guiding and supporting their steps, while another part of me begins to scan their energy field, clearing out blockages when needed, adjusting and balancing the field once the changes are established, using my intuitive insights as my guidance.

Energy modalities like LuxMani can be used to enhance healing and well-being on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. On the physical level cells are energized, so that they begin to remember their information stored on the DNA. Balancing the chakra system enhances a longer lasting balance in all other systems. Balancing the emotional body, and clearing blockages, helps to ease existing pain and allows for new options, ideas, and deeper awareness. On a spiritual level we reconnect our human aspect with our spiritual aspect of being, creating the space to connect with our essence and regain insights that we might have forgotten.

Through combining hypnosis and energy-based modalities like LuxMani we enlarge our toolbox to be even more effective in assisting our clients to discover new understanding within, and create effective solutions to formerly challenging situations.

Okka Holthuis, born in Germany, founder of Rainbow Healing Center based in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, carries a German degree as Health Practitioner, is a certified Hypnotist and Spiritual Counselor and has dedicated her life to supporting others improve their life’s’ situation. Okka’s approach is holistic and based on the understanding that:

  • everything is energy
  • we are whole and perfect already
  • we all have all the wisdom within all the time.

Okka’s intention in individual sessions, classes and workshops is to create a space where you feel supported and cared for and therefore may step into a place of higher awareness to find your guidance within.

And when it feels appropriate, Okka will offer to use her intuitive abilities to bring deeper understanding and insights to the situation.

In addition to all certified training, Okka has studied alternative methods of healing, including Kinesiology, Past Life Regression, Homeopathy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Bach-Flower Therapy, Color-Therapy, Aroma-Therapy, Crystal-Therapy, Reiki and Regenesis. She has also developed her own energy based healing technique LuxMani. She teaches LuxMani classes – as well as other classes related to the field of Energy Medicine and Metaphysics – throughout the United States and Europe.

You can hear Okka Holthuis on Hypnosis Health Radio, Show #23, October 7, 2008. Also read A Look At LuxMani.

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