Mindfulness for school childrenShakespeare said that Life Is A Stage and that is so true. At Seattle hypnosis with Roger Moore you learn the hypnosis mind control techniques to master your thoughts and your emotions so that you can be the director of your life. You can discover how to hypnotize yourself with self-hypnosis and make positive changes in your life. Discover the free hypnosis resources here at Hypnosis Health Info and get your online hypnosis 8-part audio course.

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Imagine all the various parts, the various aspects of yourself on a live theater stage or on a movie screen. There is the new born you, the toddler, the first grader, the 9 year old, the teenager, the young adult you and every other age up to this moment – they are all on the stage of your life. Along with these parts or aspects of you is the daughter or son, the sibling, the friend, the parent , the lover, the student, employee, employer, neighbor, aunt/uncle, the cyclist, cook, golfer, movie buff – all parts of you are there on the stage or screen of your life.

Each one of these characters is a very important aspect of who you are. If anyone of them was missing, there would be a gap in your movie – a dead place in your theater play. We certainly do not want to eliminate any of these these characters. But here is where we get into trouble: Look and see who is directing your play or movie – who is writing the script in this moment? Is it the 5 year-old you? Is it the rebellious teenager? Or, is it the current, present day adult you? (Are you sure?)

Often with food it is a much younger part of self that is choosing the cookies, ice cream, chips or candy. Ant, that part chooses to much and too often. Hypnosis weight loss clients tell me all the time that they have the head knowledge (they know how to eat healthy) – they just don’t do it – they get out of control and eat too much, too fast of the unhealthy junk foods.

When it comes to eating choices, parenting, being in a relationship or running your business, you want the conscious adult part of yourself making those choices – directing the play or movie of your life.

And, the greatest news is that you can write a whole new script from this moment forward. You no longer have to continue doing what you have always done in the past. Starting right now, you can do it differently.

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Today, I do it differently. I write a new script.

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