Its week 13 of our life with Mom and she is proving that seniors can still build muscle by pressing iron. Mom continues to recover from her recent hospitalization and is seemingly recovering quicker than in the past. Mom continues to progress with her weight loss goal, she is down another 2 pounds this week. We were at Red Robin Saturday night for dinner and Marilyn and I were so impressed that Mom didn’t clean her plate – she left about half of her food in the restaurant. Mom says the Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis CD’s and self-hypnosis are working. The proof is showing on the scale.

Seniors Can Still Bulk Up On Muscle By Pressing Iron

As we age, our muscle mass decreases at surprising rates. An average male who weights 180 pounds might after age 60 lose as much as 10 pounds of muscle mass over a decade.

New research published in the journal Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise finds older adults who begin resistance exercise like lifting weights or using stretchy bands may win the battle against age-related muscle loss. The key is you have to stretch a muscle.

Muscle strength and balance help prevent falls, one of the most common reasons seniors end up in the hospital. For sedentary adults who resolve to take up weight lifting, start slowly. You could actually begin by simply getting in and out of a chair. The ability to stand up out of a chair is much compromised after the age of 65 if people don’t take part in resistance training. So, using one’s own body mass as a dead weight is a reasonable way to start.

Hear Seniors Can Still Bulk Up On Muscle By Pressing Iron on NPR

Mom started making plans to go home this week. My sister and brother-in-law will fly here April 8 and Mom will fly home to Colorado with them April 11. Mom is getting anxious to return home. She wants to see her house with new paint and new carpet and just wants to be in her own bed with her own stuff.

Our concern now is keeping Mom on her weight loss journey and keeping her motivated to exercise. She says she wants to continue, but it will be more difficult when she is back home with unhealthy eaters who frequent KFC and McDonald’s. Mom says that she does not want to return to her old unhealthy eating habits. In order for this to happen, she will need to use her Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis CD’s and continue using self-hypnosis. The other necessary component is getting her set with help for meal preparation. Returning to bologna and Velveeta Cheese sandwiches with canned soup will not support the health gains she has made.

Cribbage update: we each won one game – I didn’t have time for a playoff. (Some would say I was afraid she’d beat me.)

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