Quiet is so good! The most exciting thing in week 12 of our life with Mom is that I beat her in a game of cribbage! Our other exciting news of the week was that Mom lost another half pound. She continues making healthy eating choices, using self-hypnosis and listening to the Becoming Slender For Life hypnosis weight loss CDs.

After last weeks roller coaster ride we have really appreciated the lack of excitement. Its been a week of getting caught up on rest, work and chores like yard work and splitting wood. Mom has been tired, which is understandable after two trips to the ER last weekend and two nights in the hospital. The weather was so wet and cold over the weekend that we never left the house. We thought of several activities, but Mom seemed content to stay close to the fire.

Tuesday Mom went to her medical doctor for a check up following her hospitalization. Her MD wants another heart test which will be scheduled when the doctor’s office calls. Mom talked to the doctor about getting her ears cleaned and it seems that is proceeding so Mom can get her hearing aids. Marilyn and I are hopeful that Mom will be able to turn down the volume on her NASCAR races!

Mom was disappointed that she did not lose more weight. She thought that for as little as she ate when she was in the ER and hospital that she should have lost several pounds. I explained to Mom that the prime directive of the subconscious mind is preservation of the body. So, when the body is being attacked with something like a urinary track infection, the primary job of the subconscious mind is to put all of its energy into the immune system. Fat burning stops. People often think that when they have had the flu, have it running out both ends and haven’t eaten that should should lose lots of weight. Then they are shocked when they drink a glass of water and get on the scale. If they have lost any weight, it will be minimal. Mostly they are dehydrated.

The subconscious mind works hard to not burn fat. In fact, it works hard to preserve the fat. Fat is stored energy and the subconscious wants to keep the fat for a time like a long cold winter where there is no food. That’s one reason why I keep yacking at Mom about eating frequent small meals. I keep urging her to eat every 2 to 3 hours – even if its only 1/2 of a satsuma or a few baby carrots. When the stomach is digesting food, it speeds up metabolism. When you go long periods without eating, fat burning stops. The worst thing you can do is to skip meals. Frequent small meals of real food is critical for weight loss.

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I eat frequent small real food meals throughout the day.

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