Mom was down 3 pounds making it 17 pounds in 17 weeks so we celebrated with going out to dinner at San Carlos Mexican Restaurant and with fun at Clear Water Casino. Mom is “tickled pink” about her weight loss and even commented on how well hypnosis for weight loss is working for her. She continues to listen to her Slender For Life™ weight loss CDs as she progresses towards her goal to lose 20 pounds.

It may seem strange to celebrate weight loss with going to a Mexican restaurant, but I believe it to be a perfectly great thing to do. Here is the deal: (I’m not talking about the casino, yet.) As humans , we commune with food, we come together and break bread together and I actually think that that is an OK thing to do. The problem is that most people seem to have forgotten about the communion and only focus on how much and fast can they eat. But, when the focus is on the people you are with, you can enjoy a delicious meal by eating slowly, consciously and stopping eating when your body tells you that it has enough food. We like Mexican food at our house. One problem with Mexican restaurants is the volume of food. Mom and Marilyn each had the vegetable burrito with no cheese and no sour creme. I had a veggie fajita, no cheese and no sour creme. We each walked out with boxes of food and each of us got 2 more meals from the leftovers. Part of the weight loss experience is learning how to eat in the real world in real social settings. Mom is learning that she can make healthy choices, eat really tasty food and leave food on her plate.

To me, Mexican restaurants are one of the easiest restaurants in which to order. I can get veggie burritos, veggie tacos, veggie fajitas with corn tortillas, black beans, no cheese and no sour cream. The hotter and spicier the better! I love the salsa – usually eat it with a spoon and skip the chips!

We left San Carlos (on Bainbridge Island) and drove to the Clear Water Casino in Suquamish. Mom is like a little girl in a casino. Her eyes light up with all the lights and sounds. We found our way to the no-smoking section. She started on the penny machines and then moved to the quarter machines. I quickly went through my $1.00 limit, while Mom stretched her $20.00 for 2 hours. I never did ask Marilyn how much she spent – don’t want to know. Marilyn had been on a quarter machine and left. The woman next to her put in $1.00 in the machine that Marilyn had been playing and won $2,000.00! So of course when the woman left the machine she’s been playing next to the winning machine, I blew another $4.00 to see what if I could win big too – of course I went home with $5.00 less dollars. I bore pretty quickly in casinos – but I do enjoy taking Mom. I love the big grin that stretches from ear to ear.

My sister and brother-in-law arrive tomorrow from Colorado to take Mom home on Monday the 11th. April 8th will mark 4 months that Mom has lived with us – today is the 4 month anniversary of the fire in her house. The carpet will be installed April 15 and her furniture delivered the following week. My brother will be arriving from San Diego so he will be there to help with the unpacking – that will be a huge job that this time I will miss.

Mom has stayed focused on her weight loss goal of 20 pounds so far this week. She is excited about going home and she is also nervous about it too. With Marilyn and I she has a very supportive environment for her health. Back in Colorado, she will not have the level of support or  understanding of healthy eating as she does here. In fact, a couple of friends have offered to fatten her up when when gets home! Mom will have our phone support and her self-hypnosis to maintain her ideal weight.

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