Life-with-Mom-Week-4-The-Importance-of-ExerciseIt’s been a quiet week (mostly) on Bainbridge Island in week 4 of our life with Mom. Mom has begun to realize the importance of exercise. (And I haven’t even taught her self-hypnosis, yet.) Mom’s primary caregiver has been working with her on arm and leg strength, posture, ambulation, standing and sitting. The results of this four times per week exercise routine is that Mom is standing and sitting easier, getting in and out of  bed on her own, walking easier and she seems to be happier on the days that she does the most exercise. We took Mom to a Thai restaurant here on the Island Thursday night and I was amazed at how well she did getting in and out of the car and walking with her walker in and out of the restaurant. She even got in and out of the booth on her own.

New Year’s Eve Mom beat me in 2 games of cribbage. On Sunday I manage to beat her in 2 out of 3 games. It’s nice to feel so comfortable with her so that we can chat about old times, long-gone relatives, the Eagle making a fuss outside the kitchen, the squirrel raiding the suet and sitting in silence. Mom is helping herself more around the house – feeling less like a guest and more like she lives here.

New Year’s Day was the first time that Mom had a caregiver from Catholic Charities. None of us were excited about another stranger coming into our home. Mom certainly didn’t like the idea of another stranger helping her with her shower and helping her wash her body. I don’t blame her – I wouldn’t like it either! But, in order to keep her insurance deductible she has to have at least 5 day per week care. We have all said “no thank you” to 7 days.

If you know anything about me you know that I am usually talking about the importance of exercise. I have been astounded at the rapid changes in my Mom as a result of exercise over the past 3 weeks. I never dreamed that she could improve so much, so quickly. Mom has also commented on her improvement and genuinely seems excited. Having said that, Mom usually complains before her caregiver arrives hoping that she won’t have to exercise that day. The caregiver is great, she doesn’t accept no as an answer. When Mom tells her she is tired or sore, the caregiver says “That’s great. That is what we are working towards,” and then has Mom continue on. I realize that Mom is like most of us. We whine and make excuses about exercise and try to get out of it, yet when we do it we feel so much better.

Monday morning in my 5:30 AM spin class I was thinking about how I used self-hypnosis to motivate myself to get out of my warm bed and out into the cold to make it to class and I got to thinking that Mom should learn hypnosis. Mom has experienced hypnosis previously and she listens to Orange Blossom regularly. Mom also listens to pain management hypnosis CDs that were created by both Scott Sandland and myself. So I know that she is open and receptive to hypnosis. By teaching Mom self-hypnosis, she will have a tool to help her with motivation to exercise, manage her pain and to change her eating habits.

At age 88 Mom is rapidly gaining balance, strength and mobility from exercise. Imagine what more may be possible for her when she learns hypnosis!

Monday afternoon we took her to Home Depot to start the process of looking for new carpeting, new light fixtures and paint. We left with more questions than answers, but at least we knew the questions we needed to ask the insurance company. Then it was to Costco for her hearing exam.  The woman who did the testing was great with her. Mom liked the looks, feel and sound of one pair of hearing aids. She had some difficulty adjusting the volume because of her long finger nails. When the woman suggested she have shorter nails I giggled because I knew that would not happen. Mom made it clear to her that she would learn to do it with her nails at this length. Mom needs to have her ears cleaned before continuing with the hearing exam. It appears that it is cheaper to buy the hearing aids at Costco without insurance than it is to go to an approved provider for the same hearing aids and get $300.00 from the insurance coverage.

Our insurance stress came on Tuesday when the hospital called concerned about one of Mom’s ER visits and payment from the insurance company. Several calls to the insurance company we learned that the insurance would not cover any medical expense outside of Colorado unless it was in the Emergency Room. They actually went so far as to say that she should cancel her appointment to have her ears cleaned and go to the ER and have them do it. The insurance company acknowledged that her fire ER visit cost $6000.00 and they would pay that to clean her ears and deny a visit to a clinic that accepted their insurance but was outside her service area of Colorado. (This will be another post.) Man, do we need health care reform or what?!

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to exercise? Don’t let yourself become weak and immobile. No matter how old you are you can benefit from exercise. Learn hypnosis and discover the power that you have over your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Put an end to your negative self-talk, your limiting beliefs and any excuses you have that keep you from exercise. No matter how old you are, hypnotherapy can help get you moving.

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