Lifespan extension with plant based dietEating a plant based diet may be a healthy way for lifespan extension. Dr. Michael Greger writes that “Americans Are Living Longer but Sicker Lives. That’s why we need a diet and lifestyle that supports health and longevity.” Yesterday’s post said that the best way to starve cancer is with a plant based diet. It is so exciting to me that after 17 years of advocating plant strong meals, new research supporting it’s health benefits are released almost daily. Learn hypnosis and make positive changes in your lifestyle.

Methionine Restriction as a
Life Extension Strategy

On a population-wide level, folks could benefit from just lowering their protein intake, period. “The mean intake of proteins [and thus methionine] of Western human populations is much higher than needed. Therefore, decreasing such levels has a great potential to lower tissue oxidative stress and to increase healthy life span in humans while avoiding the possible undesirable effects of caloric restriction.” We’re eating around double the protein we need, so the first thing doctors can recommend is just that decreasing the intake of protein has a large potential to bring health benefits.We can also get our methionine even lower by eating a plant-based diet.

The reason why plant-based diets are so protective is not known. Yes, vegetables contain thousands of phytochemicals, but separately investigating their possible protective roles would be an impossible task. The idea that the protective effect is not due to any of the individual plant food components, but to a synergic “combined effect” is gaining acceptance. However, based on the relationship of excess dietary methionine to vital organ toxicity, as well as its likely mechanism of action through increases in free radical generation, the possibility exists that the protective effects of plant-based diets can be due, at least in part, to their lower methionine content.

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I’ve heard all the reasons why “I just couldn’t live without cheese” or “I don’t want to give up meat,”  and “I love my ice cream.” The problem that I see is that the people who tell me this are overweight or obese and are living with the diseases of obesity. You do have a choice. Learn hypnosis and show yourself love by feeding yourself healthy foods.

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I show myself love by feeding myself healthy foods.

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