Little Book Of ChangeThe Little Book of Change is for anyone interested in creating change in their life. Daniel Cleary explains the truth about hypnosis in a way that everyone can easily understand. He answers the questions that everyone wants to know about hypnosis and how it works. If you want to enhance your understanding of hypnotherapy and want to make better use of self-hypnosis, then the Little Book of Change is for you. Begin making positive changes in your life with hypnosis and purchase the Little Book of Change here at the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

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Little Book of Change:

Little Book of Change is a short, short course in hypnosis that will inspire hypnotists and clients alike to create their own reality.” ~Dick Sutphen

“Dan Cleary takes you on a ‘Readers Digest’ tour of human development, trance and how hypnosis can help you create positive change in your life.” ~Kevin Hogan, Ph.D.

“One of those pieces of literature that every hypnosis client should own. The primer presents and easily understood word picture of the art of hypnosis.” ~ Thomas McClaskey, D.C.

“Dan Cleary’s book was written for the general public but it reviews the fundamentals of hypnosis so well that it will make a valuable addition to the working library of the advanced student or professional. Read it. Then read it again and yet again. It may change your life.” ~Charles J. Francis

Self-hypnosis is easy to learn when you use the Light switch self-hypnosis technique. If you are ready to enhance your life with hypnotherapy,the Little Book of Change is for you.

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