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Lift weights to live longer? Well, according to a study from Penn State College of Medicine, lifting weights as you age cuts your risk of early death by 46%.

In recent years, researchers have begun to demonstrate benefits of strength training for strength, muscle mass and physical function, as well as for improvements in chronic conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, low back pain and obesity.

Strength training doesn’t have to look like lifting weights at the gym, it can be using elastic bands, cans of soup and standing up and sitting down. No matter how old you are, hypnosis for exercise can help motivate you to move your body.

I will teach you the self-hypnosis skills for you to use so that you want to exercise. Just imagine if everyday at the time of your choosing your body became restless and wanted to move! With hypnosis, that is possible.

Strength training helps older adults live longer

HERSHEY, PA: “Older adults who met twice-weekly strength-training guidelines had lower odds of dying, in a new analysis by researchers at Penn State College of Medicine, Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Columbia University. The study is the first to demonstrate the association in a large, nationally representative sample over an extended time period, particularly in an older population.”

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Jennifer Abbasi

Penn State

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Strength training improves my health and well-being.

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