Live longer

It only makes sense that if you sit less you will live longer. Think about it – your body was made to move – not to sit all day at the keyboard, driving down the road or with your feet up and the remote in your hand.

Studies have found that the more hours that people spend sitting, the more likely they are to develop diabetes, heart disease and other conditions, and potentially to die prematurely — even if they exercise regularly.

Hypnosis for exercise motivation can get you off the couch and get you moving. I exercise a lot – but I also sit a lot. I make sure that about every hour I am up and moving. Sometimes in between clients I will walk up and down a flight of stairs (or two) to get in some movement.

Live longer

Sit Less

Sit Less, Live Longer?

By Gretchen Reynolds September 17, 2014: “If people need motivation to get up from their office chairs or couches and become less sedentary, two useful new studies could provide the impetus. One found that sitting less can slow the aging process within cells, and the other helpfully underscores that standing up — even if you are standing still — can be good for you as well.”

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I feel joy when I move my body.

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