Living in Joy and Hope

I hope that you will tune in for Living in Joy and Hope at the End of Life is my topic this month for the Beautiful Dying Expo zoom meeting.

One of the blessings that I have received over the years from working with people who are at the end-of-life is the understanding that even in the final moments of life there can be joy and hope.

For the past couple of months we have been living in a challenging time that for many is filled with uncertainty, fear, loneliness and despair. But even in the face of Covid-19, we can live in joy and hope.

Self-hypnosis can help you to live in joy and hope. If you are ready for joy and hope in your life, give me a call at (760) 219-8079 or send me an email. We can meet online from where ever in the world that you may be.



Living in Joy and Hope at the End of Life

Make the most out of each moment

For many people, living in joy and hope at the end of life may seem challenging at best. After all, there can be many distressing concerns at that stage of life: worries about dying alone, unrelieved pain or other discomforts, not being able to finish personal affairs, having to be dependent on others, fear of losing physical functions, sleeplessness and disturbed sleep, plus dread of the unknown are very real and common fears. The idea of having a good death may even seem unfathomable.

Hypnosis and other mindfulness techniques can help you focus on being in the present moment rather than rehashing the unchangeable past or anticipating a scary future of pain and suffering. There is a better way.

During this hour, Roger will talk about hypnosis and how it can help you live in hope and joy and make the most out of each moment you have left.

Roger Moore

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I live each moment in joy and hope.

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