In, You still have a pulse, I wrote, “This duality of joyfully being your Best Self even when you experience anger, hurt, fear and sadness can be confusing and it certainly is challenging. It is from this that you can grow, heal and change. Being your Best Self is to accept and to embrace all of you – even your shadow.”

Someone recently said to me, “How can I be my Best Self when I am so fearful and anxious about my husband’s health?” Her husband has cancer and she is naturally scared and worried for him and for herself. Of course, she is. Who wouldn’t be?! She was totally convinced that if she felt fear, she was being less than her Best Self.

A successful business person shared with me that he lacked confidence in his business acumen and that he has learned to push through it but wished he didn’t experience it. He said that he was using the Greatest Expression of You process to always feel confident.

And, another person expressed his frustration with himself for being irritated with his neighbor who has a dog that is constantly barking. He thought that being his best self meant that he should never be irritated or frustrated.

You are human

If you have a pulse, you are human and will experience a wide range of emotions. Sometimes these emotions are very powerful and sometimes they are merely a twinge.

All emotions are good. They are there to tell you to pay attention. Your emotions are your opportunity to learn and grow.

Fear of the loss of a loved one can be used as an opportunity to make each moment left precious and a time to prepare for when they are gone.

Lack of confidence when making decisions can be a time to carefully evaluate the wisdom of choices available to you.

Frustration and irritation with a neighbor over their barking dog can be an opportunity to look within at the deeper issues and an opportunity to learn and use Nonviolent Communication.

The Greatest Expression of You does not mean never experiencing emotions that are generally judged as “negative”. Being your Best Self means that you acknowledge your thoughts and emotions and that you allow yourself to feel what you feel and either move through it or walk with it.


All emotions are good

When you are being your Best Self, you are not controlled by emotions, you are guided by your emotions. They become your guard rails that keep you from going off the edge. The lessons they provide are opportunities for you to be your better self.

If you are reading this, you still have a pulse. You are still human and have the full range of human emotions. Embrace them. Let them be your guide.

So, next time you feel fear, hurt, anger, sadness check within and compassionately acknowledge what you are feeling. Then, being your Best Self, allow yourself to use it to move through the emotion and create your future to be greater than your past.

The Greatest Expression of You is living with this duality and in the tension this duality creates. So, remember, all emotions are good. They are there to guide you with the lessons they bring.

Becoming the Greatest Expression

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You is a series of posts that I began on March 20, 2016. One day I hope to turn them into a book.

I love receiving your feedback. Please let me know your own thoughts on the Greatest Expression of You and how you have benefited using this process.

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