Living your visionLiving your vision is this weeks reading from my book, Becoming Slender For Life. This is one of my favorite sections of my book and it was written by a client as part of her Slender For Life™ Commitment. One of the Slender For Life™ hypnosis weight loss  homework assignments between the first and second sessions is to complete this commitment. The following is one of the most perfect visions of living life Slender For Life™.

How about you? Are you willing to make a commitment to yourself to live your life Slender For Life™?

Living your vision

I want to end by offering a true story, written by one of my former clients, Elise. This is part of her Slender For Life™ Commitment that is in Chapter 3. She is happy to share this with you, as she understands her experience may inspire others on this same path.

“Honey, help me with this zipper, will you please?”

This was the dress. The kind I’ve wanted to wear for years. Black, slinky, sensually elegant and size six.

I almost can’t believe I’m here and enjoying myself so much. Mike, my husband can’t take his eyes, or his hands, off me. I love the way he’s making me feel desirable. Today, when we were up on the sun deck of the cruise ship, I wore a yellow bikini, which showed off my tan and my new shapely body. It felt so good to walk around without feeling the need to cover up. My scar didn’t repulse anyone; in fact it seemed to draw eyes to me. My usual buoyant personality is lifted to new heights, and both Mike and I are enjoying it.

We’ve both slimmed down. He’s down to 180 and I’m about 130. And our energy is amazing. We can walk forever and not feel sore afterward. Our cruise companions just seem to be drawn to us, and we’re invited to join everybody’s party. We are confident and happy.

“There you go,” Mike says as he slides the zipper closed. “Are you ready?” he asks. I slip my feet into my new strappy black sandals and we leave for dinner. A while ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing these shoes, or this dress either, because my feet would swell in the heat and look like pillows stuffed in the straps. Now they look great. They won’t swell no matter how long we stay out on the promenade deck or in the disco.

As we walk up the two flights of stairs to the dining room, I’m looking forward to the dinner. The stairs don’t cause me a moment’s hesitation. I’m in shape and can walk easily in the 3 1/2 inch heels. I feel elegant and graceful. I smile at an elderly lady as we pass. She’s surrounded with what must be her family and looks satisfied. I want to look like that when I’m older.

Mike is talking to me. We imagine what delights are on the menu tonight. We both love the sterling presentation of the meal. We feel special when our waiters serve us. Mike jokes with them, and I’m not surprised when we seem to get special attention. The meal in itself isn’t important. It’s world class, of course, but we are more appreciative of the company at our table, the conversation, the mood set in the dining room. There seems to be more laughter at our table than at others. We all enjoy ourselves and genuinely like each other.

The maitre d’ comes to seat us. This didn’t happen to us during other cruises. He calls us by name and we thank him. This is just such a fairy tale night.

I wear the tanzanite jewelry Mike bought me in port today. It shows off my tan and seems to send out sparks of light when I move. This is the jewelry we didn’t buy a few years ago. I’m glad we waited, but I’ve never forgotten that other cruise. It reminds me of the difference between then and now.

Now Mike and I get up every morning and walk the track until breakfast is served in the dining room. Fruit and whole-wheat cereal is so good after exercise. We haven’t stopped by the pizzeria at all. We’ve actually made it to all the meals on time and didn’t have to have the pizza. I can stay up on deck all day without feeling I need a nap. I’m so glad the waiters bring drinks around, so I don’t have to leave my lounge unless I want to.

In the afternoon a quick dip in the pool cools me off. I stand at the rail on the upper deck. Straight across from me is the topless deck. Mike jokes about me sunning myself over there. I don’t feel the need to expose myself any more than I am. I don’t have to. I’m getting all the attention I need from him. I tell him, “You can go over there if you’d like.” He looks over there, then back at me, “No, I’ve got better right here. And I can touch,” he winks.

Straight down from our deck is the one with the large pool and slide and hot tub. I watch the people down there. Lots of young hard bodies flirting up a storm. Of course there are some older people too. That’s the deck where the cruise director holds games and contests. It’s fun to watch the activities. I feel very comfortable standing in plain sight in my swimsuit.

Everyone is always looking around at everyone else, checking each other out. Mike and I do too. But our eyes always come back to each other. His body is perfect for me. He’s got really wide shoulders, and although I can’t get him into a Speedo in public, he has relaxed. He looks tanned and in shape. Our arms and abs are getting pretty tight. We’ve both worked very hard this year. The hardest was leaving the fast food. Our whole mindset has changed, and neither of us misses it. The money we’ve saved from not buying junk food and alcohol has really added up. This is just a new lifestyle. It’s not a punishment—it’s something we embrace and enjoy.

I come back to the present moment as our food is served. Beautiful lobster and crab with rice and broccoli. The plate is so pretty. We are admiring all the plates. It all looks delicious. Mike orders several bottles of champagne for the table. We all laugh and eat at the same time. The women talk about the shopping they did in port, and the guys groan about being pulled from one store to the next. We’re in high spirits. It’s a good night.

I’m talking and enjoying myself too much to eat. I take a couple of bites of the lobster and crab. It’s fabulous! Rich and succulent. But after a few bites of the rice and veggies, I’ve had enough. I don’t need to eat it all and I’m satisfied. The second waiter is concerned that I don’t like the meal, but I smile and tell him it’s perfect, but I just can’t eat the generous portion. He smiles and takes my half-full plate away. I concentrate on my water goblet. It’s always full and ready.

The wine steward brings the champagne and offers Mike the first sample. He approves it and everyone gets a glass. The room’s lights dim. I know from experience this means that passenger anniversaries and birthday celebrations will be honored now. Our waiters and wine steward appear with a beautiful chocolate raspberry and caramel layer cake. It’s gorgeous. Everyone at the table sings as I blow out the single candle.

Instead of a wish, I say a prayer of thanksgiving. I thank my beautiful husband, my family and friends and my hypnotherapist for giving me this beautiful day and making me feel so good about myself. I’m 35 years old today, and my life is just getting started.

As we leave the dining room, I see the elderly lady again. She motions us over. I smile at her. She takes my hand and tells me she thinks I look so very sophisticated and elegant in my black dress. She says I’m beautiful and looks at Mike and me both. She talks about how good we look together as a couple and how happy. We look at each other and wink. Yes, life is good. We are happy. And life is just getting started.

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
page 234 – 237

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