A weight loss hypnosis client from the Twilight town of Forks, WA, brought me a website that she had discovered that deals with longevity and lifestyle. It sounded interesting and so on my lunch break I checked it out. What I discovered at Blue Zones were some attention-grabbing tools that gives you a chance to take a look at your lifestyle and its impact on your health and longevity. I was particularly drawn to the longevity secrets which highlights key items that we at Slender For Life™ value. These secrets are Family, No Smoking, Plant-Based Diet, Constant Moderate Physical Activity and Social Engagement. You also want to check out your Vitality Compass. It will give you an indicator of where your lifestyle is leading you.

Here is what Blue Zones has to say about longevity:

Move Naturally – Make your home, community and workplace present you with natural ways to move. Focus on activities you love, like gardening, walking and playing with your family.

Right Outlook – Know and be able to articulate your sense of purpose, and ensure your day is punctuated with periods of calm.

Eat Wisely – Instead of groping from fad diet to fad diets, use time-honored strategies for eating 20% less at meals. Avoid meat and processed food and drink a couple of glasses of wine daily.

Belong to the Right Tribe – Surround yourself with the right people, make the effort to connect or reconnect with your religion and put loved ones first.

This may all sound too simple, but the payoff is huge. The average American could live up to 14 more good years by putting these habits to work.

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