John McDougall, MD

How To Lose Excess Weight by Dr. John McDougall is this weeks featured article from the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library. This article is a must read and re-read even the veteran Slender For Life™ clients and McDougallers. If you are serious about your health and weight loss, hypnosis can make healthy eating an easy lifestyle change for you. My Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss clients know that self-hypnosis lets you forget about will power so that eating real food becomes natural.

How To Lose Excess Weight

John McDougall, MD

Rather than semi-starvation, during your most desperate times you ate all you could stomach of meat, cheese, and eggs (a la Atkins). You became ill with ketosis, lost your appetite and some weight. Being sick is unpleasant, so you had to cease this foolishness and you regained your lost weight. Now you worry about the possible long-term consequences of eating all that fat and cholesterol–cancer, heart disease, hemorrhoids, etc.

If you have tried to follow a plant-food based diet in the past and got off track, don’t be discouraged. Pleasure, too, is a powerful teacher, like hunger. Likely, you remember this experience as a time when you felt your best, you lost weight effortlessly, and you were never hungry. Your body was healing and your future was promising. Now is the time to give a diet based on starches another chance–and you will do better than you did the last time–you will follow this enlightened path more faithfully–and you will become stronger, trimmer, and handsomer as the months and years pass. To accelerate your weight loss, increase the quantity of green and yellow vegetables in your diet. But, don’t overdo the low-calorie cauliflower and peapods. Starch must remain your source of clean, appetite-satisfying calories. Focus on whole grains; not refined flours, like those found in bagels and pretzels, and white breads and white pastas.

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Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set can support you in changing your desire to lose weight into your reality. Seriously, weight loss hypnosis can make the difference for you and actually make weight loss easy. Self-hypnosis takes the power away from the food and gives the power back to you. I know, I lost over 110 pounds 14 years ago and I have kept it off. As Jack LaLanne would say, your waistline is your lifeline – so learn hypnosis today.

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My waistline is my lifeline.

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