Your doctor is telling you that you need to lose weight, you even know it, but you just can’t motivate yourself enough to do it. Sound familiar? We are a society of instant gratification and losing weight is not instant – but that oral sensation of fat and sugar or salt immediately can create mouth parties to die for. And that is the sad fact – often it literally is to die for. Consciously people get it – they know they need to lose weight. But the imagination conjures up the images of a warm cinnamon roll melting in your mouth or the salt and fat of buttery popcorn or the heaven of sinking your teeth into chocolate exciting the same opiate receptors as heroine. Any thoughts of need to lose weight are overcome by oral excitement. The imagination wins and more weight comes on. Self-hypnosis can change that. You can learn how to hypnotize yourself and create a joyful new vision for life that is more powerful than that party in your mouth.

You May Need to Lose Weight, But Do You Have The Motivation?

From Becoming Slender For Life by Roger Moore

For example, two million people a year have coronary artery bypass surgery or angioplasty to treat their heart disease, at a cost of $30 million. These procedures, in and of themselves, rarely prevent heart attacks or prolong life, because the affected vessels get clogged up again and again. Doctors tell their patients that if they drink less alcohol, eat less, stress less and get more exercise, they will live longer and not need repeated surgeries. However, research has shown that 90 percent of all people who have bypass or angioplasty don’t change their behaviors. Ninety percent!

Why do we resist behavioral change so tenaciously? Why, even at the risk of death, do we hang on to such dysfunctional behavior? Because the facts speak only to our conscious minds, and our subconscious minds have a different agenda.

Read You May Need to Lose Weight, But Do You Have The Motivation?

Behavioral change only comes about when our emotions get involved. Feelings, not facts move us beyond our old limitations.  You need to believe you can feel better, not just live longer. Joy is a far more powerful motivator than fear—it’s not change or die, it’s change and live! Using self-hypnosis you can create passionate joy for life and lose weight.  Learn how to hypnotize and create the motivation to lose weight and live the rest of your life Slender For Life™.

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