Clients in my Seattle weight loss office have on occasion tried to lose weight over a week and eat movie theater popcorn which is a nutritional horror filled with fat and sodium. One of the benefits of hypnosis for weight loss is that it can become easy to enjoy the movie without the popcorn. Day after day clients at Slender For Life™ change their food cravings with weight loss hypnosis. If you live near Seattle, visit my Seattle hypnosis or Bainbridge Island hypnosis office for a no-charge and no-obligation consultation. If you live too far away, call or email me and we can schedule your phone consultation. We can create a phone and on-line hypnosis program for you.

WebMD posted that Movie Theater Popcorn a Calorie Bomb and said that movie theater popcorn combos pack more than a day’s worth of calories and fat. The LA Times wrote on November 19, 2009, that the nutritional value of popcorn at the largest movie chains has changed little since a similar study 15 years ago, the report finds. One chain gets kudos for switching to canola oil, however. A medium-sized popcorn and medium soda at the nation’s largest movie chain pack the nutritional equivalent of three Quarter Pounders topped with 12 pats of butter, according to a report released today by the advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest.

The group’s second look at movie theater concessions — the last was 15 years ago — found little had changed in a decade and a half, despite theaters’ attempts to reformulate.

Center for Science in the Public Interest bought multiple servings of popcorn from the three largest movie chains, Regal Entertainment Group, AMC and Cinemark, and had them analyzed in an independent lab.

It found that a Regal medium popcorn — 20 cups — contains 1,200 calories, 60 grams of saturated fat, and 980 milligrams of sodium. That’s without the buttery topping that can be drizzled — or poured — on the popcorn, which adds another 200 calories and 3 grams of saturated fat per 1.5 tablespoons.

An AMC medium popcorn did better because of its smaller size — nine cups — at 590 calories and 33 grams of saturated fat, and a 14-cup Cinemark medium was 760 calories and just 3 grams of saturated fat (in both cases, before adding buttery topping).

One problem is that Regal and AMC, the two largest chains, pop their popcorn in coconut oil, which is about 90% saturated fat.

Cinemark, the third-largest chain, now pops its corn in canola oil, which explains its much lower saturated fat levels.

Regal, in its statement, said that movie popcorn is not meant to be daily fare and that it acknowledges some of the food it sells is healthier than others.

“According to the most recent statistics from the Motion Picture Assn. of America, the average American attends six movies a year,” Regal said. “Theater popcorn and movie snacks are viewed as a treat and not intended to be part of a regular diet.” Read Movie Popcorn Is Still A Nutritional Horror.

When I weighed 110 pounds more than I do now, I had a story in my head that said that going to the movie was all about the buttered popcorn, Milk Duds and Coke. I didn’t go so much for the movie as I did for the fat, sugar and sodium. And, it showed! When I discovered weight loss hypnosis I not only was able to lose weight and keep it off, I created a new story. My new story is that going to the movie is about going to the movie and having a great time with my wife. The concession stand doesn’t interest me.

Hypnosis for weight loss really can work and my book Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set give you the daily and long term support to live a life at your healthy ideal weight. With weight loss hypnosis you can change the stories that you have made up about food. Most food cravings result from the stories we have create about the food. Create a new story and end the craving. At Slender For Life™ clients learn the self-hypnosis tools to write that new story.

No matter where you live, we can create a Slender For Life™ program for you whether its in Seattle, Bainbridge Island or over the phone. Discover the power of on-line hypnosis.

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