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“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” – Shakespeare. This weeks featured article Hypnosis Health Info Article Library is Love Looks … With the Mind©, by By Dr. Anne Spencer. Often in relationship counseling I use hypnosis with the couple so that they can quickly move from “I’m right and you are wrong,” to a place where they can open their hearts with love.

Love Looks … With the Mind©

By Dr. Anne Spencer

Sir Oliver Lodge said: “The universe is ruled by mind. Whether it be the mind of a mathematician, of an artist, of a poet or all of them and more; it is the one reality that gives meaning to existence, enriches our daily task, encourages our hope, energizes us with faith and feeling whenever knowledge fails, and illuminates the whole universe with immortal love.”

Love is everywhere in this great universe waiting for you to enjoy its splendor. It is the prime mover in life that motivates men and women to accomplish greatness. Love dwells within; it is the ‘Spirit within’ that the philosophers tell us about. It is what dreams are made from and reality becomes. Whether you are here on planet earth or not, LOVE IS. It knows no bounds, no beginning, no end; it is infinite.

What does this mean to you, here and now in your daily life; where does it fit with your destiny?

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Hypnosis is an excellent tool in relationship counseling and it is the perfect tool for you to use in your relationship with yourself and with your partner. When you use self-hypnosis you can calm your fears and open your heart to love. From that place of love, you can evaluate situations and make decisions that are based on reality rather than from fear.

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My heart is open to love.

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