Love yourself first

Today is Valentine’s Day and it makes no difference whether you are in a relationship or are single, love yourself first. Real love is given from your abundance. In order to feel loved, you must first give love and acceptance to yourself.

Sadly, too many people love from neediness. They give love with the expectation that they will receive love back. The problem with this of course is that the person who wants to share their love with you can never give you enough. No matter how much they show you love, you need and want more to feel loved.

Just imagine what might happen if you started everyday by looking into your eyes in the mirror and say, “I love me!”

When you love and care for yourself first, then you have an abundance or overflow of love to share with others and you will be able to fully experience their love for you.

Filling Your Basket is an article that I wrote years ago about loving yourself first. I invite you to click on the button below and read Filling Your Basket.

Love yourself first

Happy Valentine’s Day

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I love me!

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