Sedentary people who regularly complain of fatigue can increase their energy levels by 20 percent and decrease their fatigue by 65 percent by engaging in regular, low intensity exercise, according to a new Athens-based University of Georgia (UGA) study.

“Too often, we believe that a quick workout will leave us worn out – especially when we are already feeling fatigued,” says researcher Tim Puetz, PhD, the lead author of the study. “However, we have shown that regular exercise can actually go a long way in increasing feelings of energy – particularly in sedentary individuals.”

Puetz co-authored the study with UGA professor Patrick O’Connor, PhD, co-director of the UGA Exercise Psychology Laboratory, and former UGA student Sara Flowers. The team’s results appear in a recent issue of the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. O’Connor says previous studies – including one that he and Puetz co-authored in 2006 – have shown that exercise can significantly improve energy levels and decrease fatigue.

Exercise traditionally has been associated with physical health, but we are quickly learning that exercise has a more holistic effect on the human body and includes effects on psychological health,” Puetz says. “What this means is that in every workout a single step is not just a step closer to a healthier body, but also to a healthier mind.”

You can use your self-hypnosis to help motivate you to exercise. Use hypnosis to imagine yourself easily moving and going to the places you want to go. Hypnotherapy can make exercise easy and fun.

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