Your feelings, thoughts and the opinions that you have about yourself create your self-esteem. Low self-esteem can hold you down and lead to isolation and depression and too much self-love can be a real turn-off to others and prevent you from living in reality.

At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore, you can learn hypnosis to strike a balance between accurate self-knowledge and respect for who you are.

I grew up loving the Peanuts cartoon strip. As an adult, and back in the day when I read newsprint, the comics section was the first place I went. Marcie and Peppermint Patty particularly captivated my attention. I didn’t understand why, but I identified with Marcie and I wondered if Charles Schulz was somehow spying on me. I felt comfort reading that I wasn’t alone in how I felt – even if it was from a cartoon character.

For me, low self-esteem brought with it depression, obesity and other self-destructive behaviors. Thanks to hypnosis, I learned to feel good enough to view myself as an equal and my world changed.

Hypnosis can help you to change your world too.


Healthy relationships

A healthy relationship with someone else first begins with a healthy relationship with yourself. Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore clients learn that to have a loving relationship with someone else, they have to have one with themselves. They know that to lose weight and keep it off, they have to have a healthy loving relationship with themselves.

When you learn and use self-hypnosis along with my Greatest Expression of You process, you can create a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Are you ready to treat yourself as an equal? If so, give me a call or shoot me an email.

Life lessons from the Peanuts gang

For as long as I can remember I have appreciated the life lessons from the Peanuts gang. It was about a month ago when I was googling for something that I came across this post by Kevin Wong, How Peanuts Used Marcie To Explore Unhealthy Relationships.

You may not struggle with self-esteem issues, this is a well-written article and it’s sure worth your read. Hopefully you smile, maybe laugh and maybe even learn something about yourself.

How Peanuts Used Marcie To Explore Unhealthy Relationships

“There is no Peanuts strip more life affirming or uplifting than this one. Friendship—real, raw friendship—can be difficult for someone who struggles with assertiveness and self-image. It’s a struggle to feel like one is good enough to be treated as an equal. But it is worth it for moments like these.”

Read How Peanuts Used Marcie To Explore Unhealthy Relationships

Kevin Wong

English teacher & freelance writer

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I am good enough to be treated as an equal.

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