The-magic-of-a-band-aidAs a father and grandfather I have marveled at the magic of a band-aid. Especially if it was a Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo or Star Wars design. Put that Mickey band-aid on and the tears stop flowing and it’s off to play. You learned over time that when you cut yourself or had a small injury that a Band-Aid was the solution. Your reaction created a conditioned response. It also happens that you can unconsciously expect pain or illness to be present today because it was there yesterday.

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There Was Nothing magical about the Band-Aid. Or Was There?

Dr. Joe Dispenza: I’m sure all of us cut ourselves at some point during our childhood and the first thing we did was to rush directly to our mothers for help. She may have addressed this seemingly devastating trauma at the time with all of her attention, a small detailed examination followed by soap and water, some calm reassuring words, a warm embrace, and then a Band-Aid. At that moment, the pain very likely went away…and you ‘felt’ better.

What you experienced was likely your first conscious experience of the placebo response. Here is why.

The moment you correlated a change in your inner chemical world (you felt better, the pain diminished and you were no longer fearful or emotionally upset) with your outer world (the trauma, the cut on the surface of your skin and the profound maternal ritual followed by the magic touch of the Band-Aid), you created an associative memory and thus, a conditioned response. One of the most important elements that create the placebo response is conditioning.

It’s your senses that write the story in your mind. Hearing your mother’s voice, feeling her touch, smelling her perfume, and seeing her calm face was enough stimulation for you to accept, believe, and surrender to the idea that you would be fine. This process caused your autonomic nervous system to release certain chemicals to help you feel better and the healing process began.

Nevertheless, your body already naturally possesses the innate ability to heal itself from minor cuts and abrasions. But the moment you began to feel better, you looked down at the Band-Aid covering your injury, “thinking” that it was the Band-Aid that created your healing. As the Band-Aid hid the injury, it took more of your attention off of the cut, which helped you to feel even better because you no longer saw the blood. Out of sight, is out of mind. So you related the relief from the pain and the fear of bleeding to death with the finishing touch—the Band-Aid.

Read There Was Nothing magical about the Band-Aid.
Or Was There?

What kind of Band-Aid are you putting on in your life? Do you expect to be happy, healthy and filled with joy? Or, are you expecting heart ache and pain? Are you creating a life of joyful abundance? Are you making your life hard or easy? Are you wearing a Band-Aid of suffering or one of grace and ease? You can learn mindfulness based self hypnosis to create a joyfully easy, healthy and abundant life.

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