If you are like most people who have been on a diet and tried to lose weight, making peace with food can be an on-going war. At my Bainbridge weight loss and Seattle weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ clients share with me their battles with the pleasure trap. I remember these internal wars as I struggled to appease my passion for food when I weighed 110 pounds more than I do now. I made my peace with food using hypnosis for weight loss. Perhaps more importantly, I made peace with myself with hypnosis. If you are ready to end the war and have peace with food, learn self hypnosis.

Peace With Food

Engine 2 Diet, June 5, 2013: Because I would get stuck in these pleasure traps, and once they started, they did not stop. I don’t do moderation, I don’t do a little bit of anything, I knew myself well enough (even then) that once I took the bite, that was it. For me, food (that is super high in caloric density/sugar/salt) is like a drug. I don’t do well just having a bite of something.

I remember back in my days in weight loss groups, they would often say to get the fun-size of various candy. So I did. Do you know what happened? I’d eat the entire bag of fun-size candy. Not the one little bag, the ENTIRE bag with all of the little bags inside of it.

I like to eat. I still like to eat. That has not changed. For a while I fought a lot with myself. I was angry about what was being “taken away”. It seemed like at every corner, there was something else I couldn’t have. In the first part of my journey, despite that my new eating habits saved my life, I found myself angry, a lot. I couldn’t go out to our favorite places to eat, I couldn’t go on vacation and eat anywhere I wanted, I couldn’t have big parties where I made very decadent Italian food and desserts with plenty of wine. For me, it was as though some part of my identity was being taken from me.

Natala offers 5 simple tips to help make peace with food:

  1. Eat clean.
  2. Have a day in which you just eat fruits and vegetables.
  3. Get happy about your food.
  4. Be thankful for your food.
  5. Find new ways to enjoy plant-strong food.

Read Peace With Food

I have met very few people who achieved long lasting weight loss with moderation. Moderate changes produce moderate results. Radical changes produce radical results. The reality is that most people do better and find it easier to make radical changes. Hypnosis for weight loss can help support you with making radical lifestyle changes peacefully.

At Bainbridge weight loss, Seattle weight loss and on Skype, you can learn weight loss hypnosis and make peace with yourself and with food so that you can really embrace and enjoy the food you eat.

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