Man in the mirror

This past week has been my opportunity to once again look at the man in the mirror. It was one of those crazy weeks that I let keep me from doing some of the most important things that I need to be paying attention to.

As I reflected on it on a bike ride, I remembered the Greatest Expression of You post Opportunity for Growth. My opportunity for growth right now is my relationship with myself. I’m clear that these challenges are all my own.

I invite you to read, Opportunity for Growth and then reflect on the person in the mirror. What are your opportunities for growth?

Man in the mirror

“Take a look at yourself, and then make a change”

Observe your experience

Next time there is an upset in the relationship, pay attention to your thoughts. Observe your upset and that you want to blame the other person for causing these thoughts.

Then, when you are being high jacked by your amygdala and flooded with emotions, notice the emotions that you feel.

Pay attention to your body and detect where you experience these upsetting emotions in your body. How would you describe these physical sensations?

Remember that it is you that is experiencing all this, not the person who triggered these thoughts, feelings and sensations. This is your opportunity for healing. Trying to change the other person will only cause you more upset.

From: Opportunity for Growth

Man in the mirror

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I believe in myself and acknowledge my greatness.

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