The holidays are in full swing and now it is especially important to manage your stress for good health. Chronic stress weakens the immune system making you vulnerable for illness and disease. There are many relaxation techniques for stress reduction, but from my experience hypnosis is the best method. Learn hypnosis and put the best tools or stress management to work for you.

Manage Your Stress for Good Health

WebMD, September 30, 2012: We live in a stressed-out nation, according to the American Psychological Association (APA) survey, “Stress in America.” Most Americans feel moderate to high stress, with 44% reporting increased stress levels over the last 5 years. Many Americans have experienced stress from financial problems related to the economy. And many have found it difficult to balance work and home responsibilities and find the time to focus on healthy behaviors.

When you’re under stress day in and day out, it can take a toll on your physical and mental health. And if you have children, your stress may also be affecting them — more than you realize. According to the survey, 69% of parents said that their stress levels didn’t have a big effect on their children, yet 91% of kids knew when their parents were stressed. So it’s smart to learn how to manage stress to ensure good health for you and your family.

Not all stress is bad for us. Good stress is when you are presented with a challenge, you rise to that challenge, generally have a good outcome, and you feel exhilarated. Good stress can help us learn and grow.

Tolerable stress occurs when something bad happens, such as a job loss, but you have the inner resources as well as people you can turn to who help you get through it.

Toxic stress is when bad things happen. And they may be really bad, or you don’t have the financial or internal resources to handle them. This type of stress causes emotional and physical problems.

When something very stressful occurs, your body leaps into action. The brain triggers the release of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones travel to different parts of the body, putting it on high alert. Your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure increase. Blood vessels constrict, directing more blood to your brain and muscles. These stress responses get your body ready to either fight or flee.

Under normal conditions, the brain turns on these responses in a balanced way, and turns them off again when the danger has passed. However, when we experience toxic stress, these systems are pushed beyond their limits, Our brains secrete stress hormones, which may disrupt our metabolic and inflammatory systems. This can sometimes lower our resistance to illness. Stress affects the brain too, causing changes in its structure and connectivity. These changes are reversible in the short-term, but may be permanent over the long-term, he says.

Stress can also trigger certain unhealthy ways of coping. Many of us respond to stress by eating high-fat, high-calorie comfort foods, smoking, drinking too much, not sleeping, and not exercising. It’s the combination of changes in the body from the stress response, combined with our behavioral and emotional responses to stress that may lead to chronic health problems.

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Isn’t it time that you learn hypnosis so that you can release and let go of the stress in your life? The Holidays can be filled with fun and excitement or they can be harried and stressful. Either way, there still will be lots going on and there will be traffic jams and all the parking spaces will be gone – so why not relax and have fun with it? Self-hypnosis can help you do that.

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