Being in chronic pain can be debilitating. Hypnosis can help chronic pain suffers to put mind over matter and function without pain killers. Learn how to hypnotize with self-hypnosis and manage your aches and pains.

I’m excited to see new programs opening up that offer alternatives to medication for chronic pain. I am also receiving more calls from people and physicians about using self-hypnosis for chronic pain.  And, I am thrilled with the results many clients are seeing as a result of the hypnotherapy that we are doing.

Last November there was an article in the Los Angeles Downtown News that told of a pain management program at the Nebraska Medical Center.  In this program psychologists, physical therapists and nurses help a maximum of six patients address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of pain. Massage and stretching loosen and lengthen muscles. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patients to manage their daily exertion, teaching them to pace themselves. With self-hypnosis and visual imagery, patients put mind over matter. Read Managing the Pain Game.

Soon you will find some new pain management MP3 hypnosis downloads here at Hypnosis Health Info. If you don’t have Orange Blossom, download it now and begin relaxing your pain away. Learn hypnosis and manage your chronic pain.

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My body is at ease and moves freely.

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