Ever had a day like this? Seems like lately the life’s stress has been amped up. The American Psychological Association (APA) just released its annual 2008 Stress in America poll and the findings aren’t surprising. Half of Americans surveyed say they are increasingly stressed about their ability to provide for their family’s basic needs.

Cinsider this:

  • 53% report fatigue
  • 60% report feelings of irritability or anger
  • 52% report difficulty sleeping as a result of stress

Of course all of this stress affects the workplace, particularly morale and productivity.

Here are somethings you can do to cope with stress:

  • Use Self hypnosis
  • Pay attention to your body’s stress signals (holding your breath, rapid heart rate, stomach in knots, muscle tension) and use deep belly breaths to relax
  • Give care to yourself physically and mentally – exercise, laugh, and rest can make a big difference
  • Surround yourself with positive people and focus on what really matters
  • Turn off the news and stop checking your 401(k) – focus on what you can control
  • Let go of having to to it perfectly
  • Plan your day creating a “to do” list – focus on one item at a time
  • Humor and fun are good for you and good for the workplace – LAUGH & SMILE
  • Get enough sleep
  • Create a support net of friends and family and use a therapist, coach or clergy to talk it through and get things in perspective

Self hypnosis is easy when you use the  Light Switch Self Hypnosis. Watch these videos on Power Minutes: Power Minutes, How To Use Power Minutes, Written Suggestions, Course Corrections, Powerfully Creating A New Path and  Orange Blossom and use hypnosis several times a day, every day.  The Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique is an easy way for you to use hypnotherapy to relax, breathe and laugh.

 Be sure to take a look at the American Psychological Association (APA) Stress Tip Sheet.

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I use self-hypnosis to relax. 

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