I’m a fan of Napoleon Hill’s mastermind group concept. When I was in a Mastermind group, I found the process very helpful for me personally and for the development of my private practice.

A mastermind group can be in many different formats. Ours was a group of eight of us that met weekly for breakfast. We chatted about our lives while we ate. When the meal was finished, we spent a few minutes working on our goals for the next week. We then divided into groups of two. Person “A” would tell person “B” their goals for the week. Next, Person “B” would feed the goals back as if it was one week later and the goals were successfully completed. Then, we reversed roles.

Hearing someone tell you about your successful accomplishments is a potent hypnotic suggestion.

Creating a positive future fantasy

The result of the Mastermind process is that you are creating a positive future fantasy. We are all very effective at living in fear and imagining the worst case scenario which results in creating a negative future fantasy. But, what is the point of that?! How often has that served you well?

Previously, I have written about Mental Rehearsal. Mental Rehearsal is the step in the Greatest Expression of You process where after you have read and meditated on your Greatest Expression of You statement and having memorized joy, you rehearse your day joyfully being your best self. And, you do this with belief and gratitude.

At the end of the day, you take inventory of your day. You mentally rehearse the occasions where you were being your best self so that you continue that behavior into the future. And where there were those circumstances where you fell from grace, where you were less than your best self, you mentally rehearse that situation happening again only now you rewrite it by being your best self.


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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I use my body, my mind and my emotions to mastermind my future.

Boy’s lacrosse

One of my fun joys is to volunteer with the Bainbridge Island Boys Lacrosse team. I teach them mental sharpness skills to improve their individual and team performance. Several years ago I discovered that the coach had the team reading Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. I got all excited and asked the guys if they knew about Mastermind. I talked with them about Mastermind and then had them divide into groups of two. Person “A” would tell person “B” about how they were going to play their position in the upcoming game. Person “B” would feed it back to them as if the game was over, the team had won and as if person “A” had played their best. And then they switched roles.

This powerful process made a big difference in the team’s performance. To this day, time is set aside for Mastermind before every practice and every game.

The Greatest Expression of You becomes Mastermind

The Greatest Expression of You becomes a Mastermind. By this I mean that when you change your thoughts to being your best self, when you change your emotions to the happiest and most joyful time in your life and you change the physical sensations in your body from tightness and fear to love and happiness, you’ve created a powerful Mastermind with your thoughts, emotions and your body. You now have your body, your mind and your emotions all working together to support you in your greatness.

Mentally rehearse future events using the Mastermind of your body, mind and emotions creating the outcome that you desire. Joyfully give thanks for achieving your goal.

Future events can be your next meeting, a conversation with your partner, achieving a healthy ideal weight, creating a successful business venture, making it through your day with ease or any other goal that you may have.

This Mastermind of body, mind and emotion can be a commanding force for you to create your positive future fantasy so that your future is greater than your past.

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