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There are no beautiful, healthy or sexy bodies with the Angus burger! McDonald’s Corp. began selling a new line of bigger burgers priced at $3.99 each to bring in customers looking for a beefy alternative to pricier burgers at sit-down restaurants.

The new Angus burgers are made with one-third pound of Angus beef and come in three varieties — a deluxe burger with pickles and tomatoes, a mushroom swiss burger and a bacon and cheese burger.

Despite the continuing recession, spokeswoman Danya Proud said the time is right to launch the “bigger, premium” burger nationwide.

“Customers are looking for great tasting burgers at a value that only McDonald’s can offer,” she said. “These premium burgers are a tremendous value compared to similar fast-casual and midscale offers.”

Just in case you were wondering, the third-pound Angus with Bacon and Cheese packs 820 calories, 43g (387 calories) of fat, and 65g of carbohydrates. Combined with a large package of french fries (570 calories) and a large Coke (310 calories)… Your Angus Bacon and Cheese lunch provides you with 1700 delicious calories in one meal. (Full story at NBC News)

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