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12 Days to Dynamic Health

The revolutionary health and diet program that can help you lose weight and feel great

Another significant book from Dr. John McDougall. Roger Moore frequently refers to this book for his health and wellness and often use it as a reference with clients in hypnotherapy sessions in his offices.


A Self-help book based on the experience of running the McDougall Program at St. Helena Hospital and Health Center, A Step-by-step guide for changing your diet and solving your health problems. It is filled with advancements and refinements in medical and nutritional information. In addition, this comprehensive guide provides and alphabetical listing of health problems from arthritis to viral infections, comparing the traditional, often drastic medical approach and Dr. McDougall’s own nutritionally based alternative. Includes over 130 recipes.

Paperback – Reprint edition (August 1991), ISBN: 0452266394


By John A. McDougall – The McDougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health (Plume) (7.2.1991)