I love it that people like John Robbins, John McDougall and others are creating programs like Meals For Health. Programs like VegSource, Dr. McDougall’s Health and Medical Center, the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and Slender For Life™ are committed to offering people the opportunity for health. I continue to believe that healthcare reform is an absolute necessity for our country. And, I firmly believe that healthcare reform can only truly happen when each of us takes control of our own health care. Hypnosis can be an essential asset for you to make the lifestyle changes required for your good health. Let Slender For Life™ help you create your own meals for health.

Why Meals For Health Is Important

Meals For Health is a 30-day intervention program where low-income people are taught to eat a healthy plant-based diet, and in the process lose weight and reverse serious chronic illnesses.

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I’m curious. Are you concerned about the affects of obesity on our nations healthcare? Does childhood obesity concern you? Are you ready for your own healthcare reform? Are you open to considering hypnosis for weight loss? Please email me directly or post your comments with this blog post.

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I enjoy plant-based food.

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