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I’ve written for years about using food to reduce healthcare costs. As I was driving to the gym one morning I was listening to Here & Now on NPR and heard Medically Prepared Meals Could Reduce Health Costs.

I’ve been pleased that past few years as I am in and out of hospitals supporting clients and staff with medical hypnosis to find healthy food choices in the hospital cafeterias. I have found great oatmeal for breakfast and some amazing salad bars at meal time.

I’ve been told that these healthy options are being offered to the hospital patients as well. Which I think is great news since the Standard American Diet (SAD) is linked to obesity, disease and rising healthcare costs.

Since the 1950’s, the SAD has increased in calories, fat, sugar, sodium, artificial sweeteners which has made Americans fat and sick as healthcare costs skyrocket. The SAD is bankrupting America.

The fact the the medical community is starting to pay attention to nutrition is exciting. Kaiser Permanente went so far as to tell it’s 5000 physicians to recommend only a whole-food plant-based diet to ALL their patients.

We do have a long way to go, but switching to a plant-based lifestyle is a great step in the right direction.

Food for healthcare

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Hypnosis for weight loss

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Study: Medically Prepared Meals Could Reduce Health Costs

Megan Thielking, April 6, 2018: “A new study out this week in Health Affairs followed a group of patients with chronic health issues over a period of around two years as they received specially tailored meal plans. The study found that the patients who stuck to the diet were less likely to go to the emergency room or be admitted to the hospital. Further research could have big implications for health care costs in the U.S.”

Read: Study: Medically Prepared Meals Could Reduce Health Costs

Custom meals could help curb hospital stays for people with chronic disease

Megan Thielking, April 2, 2018: “Good food isn’t just good for the body — it might also curb hospital stays and health care costs for some patients with chronic conditions, according to new research.

Researchers found that people who received medically tailored meals were less likely to use pricey health care services, such as ambulances and emergency rooms. And participants in the program were also less likely to be admitted to the hospital.

Read: Custom meals could help curb hospital stays for people with chronic disease

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