People often ask me, “What’s wrong with a little bit of butter?” Or, they say “The amount of salmon I ate wasn’t even the size of a deck of cards.” My response is to try to get right vs. wrong out of the equation and just look at the facts next to your goals for your weight and for your health. In other words, I urge you to be mindful and make conscious choices about your food and your health. Ask yourself, “If I eat this, does it support me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?” and then make your choice. Self hypnosis can help you be mindful so that you can make your reasoned decision. So, next time you are thinking of having a hard boiled egg for breakfast, ask yourself, “Is this egg really worth the inflammation it will cause in my body?” and then make your decision.

If you are not familiar with Michael Greger, M.D’s. web site,, I urge you to bookmark this site as one of the excellent sources for your nutritional information.

How Does Meat Cause Inflammation?, Michael Greger, M.D.:The anti-inflammatory effect of plant-based diets is about more than just the power of plants. It’s also the avoidance of animal foods. In my blog last week, Treating Crohn’s Disease With Diet, I profiled the extraordinary power of even a semi-vegetarian diet to calm inflammatory bowel disease. We’ve known for 14 years that a single meal of meat, dairy, and eggs triggers an inflammatory reaction inside the body within hours of consumption. This results in a stiffening of our arteries (you can see the arterial response curve in my 4-min. video The Leaky Gut Theory of Why Animal Products Cause Inflammation). Within 5 or 6 hours, the inflammation starts to cool down, but then what happens? Lunchtime! At that point we can whack our arteries with another load of animal products for lunch. In this routine, we may be stuck in a chronic low-grade inflammation danger zone for most of our lives. This can set us up for inflammatory diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers one meal at a time.

What exactly is causing the meat-induced inflammation? Inflammation is an immune response to a perceived threat, but what’s the body attacking? At first, scientists thought it might be the animal protein, which is thought to be the culprit in certain types of arthritis. However, similar inflammatory reactions were triggered by whipped cream, which is mostly just animal fat. After digging deeper, investigators discovered that after a meal of animal products one’s bloodstream becomes soiled with bacterial toxins known as endotoxins. No wonder there’s so much inflammation! But where are the endotoxins coming from?

Read How Does Meat Cause Inflammation?

So, if your joints ache, if you are overweight, if you have diabetes or you have a leaky gut, is that little bit of butter worth it? That is a decision that you must make. Sometimes, the answer will be “yes.” To me, what is important, is that you understand the health risks of meat, dairy and eggs and that you make a conscious choice – that you act mindfully. Too often food choices are made emotionally and without consideration resulting in Americans being fat and sick.

Learn self hypnosis and be mindful in your food choices. Distinguish between emotional feel good eating and what is best nutritionally for your health and wellness.

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