All meat, including chicken, fish and all dairy products are bad for your health. This is not new information. Scientists have been documenting this for the past 100 years. Meat and dairy is dense in calories, high in cholesterol, increases chances of autoimmune diseases, increases chances of cancer, especially colon cancer and increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes – just to name of few of the many dangers.

I frequently hear “I can’t give up my meat,” and “all my family and friends eat meat. I understand that – many of my own family and friends eat meat and dairy and the result is that they are more apt to be fat and sick. Never in recorded history has any culture eaten the anything close to the Standard American Diet. Since Adam and Eve, all cultures have primarily lived on whole plant-based food. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to easily and enjoyably give up the foods that make you fat and sick and create those healthy cravings for the whole grains, vegetables and fruit that makes you slender and healthy.

8 Reasons Meat Is Bad For You
(Yes, Even Chicken)

Posted at Bustle, Rachel Krantz, February 15, 2016,

  1. It Significantly Increases Your Risk Of Cancer
  2. It Increases Your Risk Of Heart Disease And Diabetes
  3. Eating Meat Makes It Harder To Maintain A Healthy Body Weight
  4. Meat Carries The Highest Risk Of Foodborne Illness
  5. It Might Contribute To Erectile Dysfunction In Men
  6. Most Meat Has Hormones In It
  7. It May Make You Resistant To Antibiotics
  8. It Increases Your Risk Of Death

Read 8 Reasons Meat Is Bad For You (Yes, Even Chicken)

We have an epidemic of obesity and heart disease. The longer that you fail to make the connection between what goes into your mouth and the state of your physical, mental, and emotional health, the longer you remain helpless, powerless and in the dark about your own body and wellbeing.

If you are not familiar with weight loss hypnosis, I’m happy to offer you a free no-obligation consultation in my Seattle or Bainbridge Island offices or online through the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office. You don’t have to be overweight to learn hypnosis for healthy lifestyle changes. Give me a call or send me an email now and let’s get you started.

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I choose health and wellness with whole plant-based food.

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