Meat mythSadly, the meat myth is still alive. On Saturday I read on Facebook someones comments regarding the Dietary Guidelines Committee Report. This person was defending organic range fed and raised meat. It is crazy that in 2015 the average American gets 60 – 70% of his or her protein from animal sources – mostly without realizing that this practice largely arose from the false premise that animal protein improves physical fitness and sport competitiveness.

At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore I can help you end your desires for beef, pork, chicken, fish and dairy products and create healthy desires for the plant based foods that fuel your body for health and build’s muscle mass with superior results.

Muscling Out the Meat Myth

Center For Nutritional Studies, T. Colin Campbell, PhD., October 29, 2013: It’s my guess that there’s hardly another myth in nutrition so insidious yet so intractable as that which encourages us to believe that consuming lots of high-quality protein – basically the stuff of animal-based foods – makes for fitness, bigness, and strength of body. Rooted in antiquity, this myth began to sprout in the minds of men (especially men, it seems) long before protein was identified and named.

So strong has been the belief in the physical fitness value of animal-based protein that today we struggle in science to uncover the clear messages from the data that seriously question our beliefs about animal protein. Indeed, some scientists, who have major influence within United Nations advisory groups, continue to develop technical arguments favoring higher recommendations for protein.

In China, I was surprised to learn some years ago from my colleagues that they had – and still have – the highest dietary protein recommendations of any country in the world, mostly for the presumed purpose of improving athletic performance in the Olympics. This seems especially ironic considering that it was well known in ancient Greece that Olympic athletes performed best when they ate plant-based diets. As well as the fact that some of today’s athletes, such as Dave Scott, six-time winner of the Ironman triathlete, and Carl Lewis, seven- time gold medalist Olympian sprinter, train and compete on plant-based diets.

It is not that animal protein cannot be utilized for good effect, especially when nothing else may be available, or that this nutrient does not build muscle mass. It does. But so does plant protein. And it does so with superior results.

Read Muscling Out the Meat Myth

Are you holding onto misguided beliefs that have been marketed by the beef and dairy councils that you need meat and dairy for a strong healthy body? Nothing can be further from the truth!

I grew up on a dairy farm and I was raised on beef, pork, chicken and milk. 20 years ago I changed to a plant based lifestyle. My health improved and my body became stronger. If you are ready to improve your health and increase your strength, Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore is here for you. If you live too far away or unable to travel, we can meet in the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office.

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