1-med hyp class 2014 400Melissa Roth and Roger Moore are once again joining experience and expertise to bring you our new Medical Hypnosis class. Medical Hypnosis with Melissa Roth & Roger Moore is being offered in Seattle and in Boulder. This is a new, cutting edge class providing you with new cutting-edge information and skills. Register now and take advantage of this opportunity to learn medical hypnosis from two of the nation’s top experts.

Why Medical Hypnosis?

  • Are you earning enough money from your practice?
  • Do you have enough clients?
  • Are you bored doing smoking and weight loss?
  • Do you know how to support your clients through a health crisis?
  • Do you want to improve your skills in medical hypnosis?
  • Are you ready to maximize your potential, help others while building a vibrant private practice with referrals from new sources with qualified clients?

Then, learn medical applications of hypnosis from 2 of the US’s top medical hypnotherapists, Melissa Roth and Roger Moore.

Medical hypnosis is the fastest growing market for hypnotherapists. Physicians are happy to refer these clients to you. Cash in while helping an under-served client population.

Teach your clients to maximize their own resilient resources based on current research in resiliency and neuroplasticity. How our nerve cells are specifically arranged by what we learn, what we remember, what we experience, what we feel, what we envision, as well as what we think about ourselves defines us individually and it is reflected in our internal neurological wiring.

Research in neuroplasticity demonstrates that the brain alters itself every time we learn something new and that we can change the brain just by thinking differently. Every thought produces a biochemical reaction in the brain. Studies show that when the mind changes, the body changes allowing your body to feel exactly the way you are thinking. Learn techniques of mindfulness medical hypnosis from Melissa Roth and Roger Moore to change thoughts and emotions to improve health and wellness.

Learn from two of the nation’s top experts in Medical Hypnotherapy

Melissa Roth and Roger Moore

March 12, 13 & 14, Seattle, WA


April 10, 11 & 12, Boulder, CO

18 hours of live training

Click here for more details and registration

Professional hypnotists who have medical hypnosis skills are better equipped to support clients through health challenges. Put Medical Hypnosis with Melissa Roth & Roger Moore on your Christmas wish list!

Interested in Medical Hypnosis Coaching?

Melissa Roth and Roger Moore are also offering monthly online Medical Hypnosis Coaching. Click here for details and registration for Medical Hypnosis Coaching with Melissa Roth & Roger Moore.

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