1-med hyp class 2014 400The 2nd Quarter of Medical Hypnosis Online Coaching with Melissa Roth & Roger Moore begins April 27. It’s been an amazing first quarter with four guest coaches. Kelley Woods kicked us off with Functional Hypnosis IS Modern Hypnosis, Scott Sandland provided valuable insight into Being an On-staff hypnotist, Dr. Norm Shealy told us us how he is Turning Back the Clock on Ageing and tonight, Connirae Andreas will share A Breakthrough in Mindfulness – a new path to wellbeing and resolving life issues. And, the 2nd Quarter is packed with even more opportunities to learn. In the 2nd Quarter we have Sherry Hood, Richard Nongard and Bernie Siegal as our guest coaches.

We only have a few openings and our space is limited so email me (Roger) today to get your name on the wait list.

Learn from the nation’s top experts in
Medical Hypnotherapy

Guest Coaches:

To enhance your learning experience, we have invited guest coaches throughout the year. They will share their work and insights and be available for discussion and to answer your questions. *Here are our exciting guests and their topics:

  • January 13 – Kelley Woods: Functional Hypnosis IS Modern Hypnosis
  • January 26 – Scott Sandland: Being an On-staff hypnotist
  • February 23 – Norm Shealy: Turning Back the Clock on Ageing
  • March 23 – Connirae Andreas: A Breakthrough in Mindfulness – a new path to wellbeing and resolving life issues
  • April 27 – Sherry Hood: Maternity Care and Birthing
  • May 18 – Richard Nongard: Sexuality: Aging and Illness
  • June 22 – Bernie Siegel: Healing from Cancer
  • July 27 – Judith Simon Prager: Verbal First Aid-What to say when every second counts and how to prevent PTSD
  • August 24 – John Butler: Pain Control
  • September 28 – Michael Ellner: Modeling our medical hypnosis practices utilizing the “Family Medicine” specialty model
  • October 26 – Brian Hooper: Spirituality
  • November 23 – Dan Cleary: Living with Pain ~ Loving Your Crazy Cousin
  • December 21 – Michael Watson: Non Invasive hypnosis and a unique ideomotor technique for healing.

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*Topics and Guests are subject to change

In these 90 minute Medical Hypnosis Online Coaching sessions, you have the opportunity to learn from the guest presenter, ask questions and then the last 30 minutes you can ask your day-to-day how to questions from Melissa and myself. As a participant you have access to our Medial Hypnosis Resource Library that has over 100 resources for your use and is growing weekly.


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