Medical Hypnosis & Working With Cancer ~ James Duncan & Roger MooreHear James Duncan and Roger Moore as we discuss Medical Hypnosis & Working With Cancer on Hypnosis Health Radio. Hypnotherapy has been proven in numerous medical studies to have a powerful and beneficial effect on healing and recovery from cancer. Hear Jim Duncan and I discuss hypnosis healing and the benefits of hypnosis treatment for anyone diagnosed with cancer. If you’ve been diagnosed with caner, contact Seattle hypnosis.

A study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported that hypnotherapy may ease the pain of breast cancer surgery both during and after the procedure. 200 women scheduled for a breast biopsy or lumpectomy were randomly assigned to receive either 15 minutes of hypnosis (including suggestions intended to promote relaxation and reduce pain) or chat with a psychologist shortly before surgery. The hypnotherapy group needed less anesthesia during surgery and reported less pain, nausea, fatigue and emotional distress afterward.

I believe that this mind-body method may be even more effective if you begin working with a hypnotherapist or listening to a self-hypnosis recording at least a month before your operation. From my perspective, I would urge you to both work with a hypnotherapist and listen to hypnosis recordings.  If you are using a recording, listen daily for a month before and for several weeks following surgery.

Hypnosis Healing and Recovery From Cancer is a perfect example of the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Jim Duncan is the President and Executive Director of Infinity Institute International, Inc. in Royal Oak, MI. Visit James Duncan at Duncan Hypnotherapy or Infinity Institute. You can find Roger Moore at Seattle hypnosis.

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