Migraine and Tension Headaches

Health effects of worrying

Worrying Have you thought about the health effects of worrying? Stress, anxiety, worry - they are a normal part of life. In the short term, stress increases your breathing and heart rate, concentrating blood flow to your brain, where you need it. This...

Ask Roger: Can hypnosis help my shoulder?

Hypnosis help for shoulder painI received this email from Jason in New Port Beach, who asked about hypnosis help for shoulder pain.“Roger I injured my shoulder last month wrestling with my brother. We are both in our early 40’s and we were showing off to our sons....

Hypnosis to block pain

Hypnosis to block pain You can imagine how my eyes lit up with excitement when I read that a French hospital used hypnosis to block pain in 150 cancer surgeries. It was just 2 days ago that I wrote about virtual reality pain reduction. Hypnosis is being...

Virtual Reality Pain Reduction

Pain Reduction The Human Phontonics Laboratory at the University of Washington has developed virtual reality pain reduction. I jumped up and down with excitement when I read this. Virtual reality pain reduction is exactly what I have been doing with hypnosis over the...

Hypnosis Can Quickly Ease Acute Pain

Hypnosis Can Quickly Ease Acute PainHypnosis can quickly ease acute pain with a single 15-minute session. People have reported reported an immediate reduction in pain levels similar to what one might expect from an opioid painkiller.Hypnosis can be cost-effectively...

What You Eat Could Affect Your Sleep

What You Eat Could Affect Your Sleep Did you know that what you eat could affect your sleep? Researchers again have confirmed that a high-fat diet had twice the severity of sleep apnea. And, there was a strong trend  in obstructive sleep apnea severity between...


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