Migraine and Tension Headaches

Self-hypnosis for pain control

  Self-hypnosis for pain control With our growing opioid crisis self-hypnosis for pain control is becoming more recognized in the medical community as a effective treatment. I can teach you the self-hypnosis skills to powerfully use your brain to control...

Ask Roger: What is the wiggle?

What is the wiggle? What is the wiggle? It's a simple and powerfully effective stress reduction technique. This is a part of an email that I received from Melissa in Pueblo, Colorado. “Several years ago, I did some online sessions with you to help me...

Hypnosis for internet insomnia

Hypnosis for internet insomnia These days a frequent request that I receive is hypnosis for internet insomnia. People are living on their smart phones, tablets and computers. Responding to work emails and texts or wrapped up in social media with "friends" before going...

Ask Roger: Can hypnosis help for panic attacks?

Help for panic attacks “Roger, can hypnosis help for panic attacks? For most of our married life my husband and I have been world travelers and we have a big beautiful motor home that I have always loved. Since the shooting in Las Vegas I have been having...

Hypnosis for low-back pain

Hypnosis for low-back pain With more than 20 years experience as the expert in Seattle Hypnosis for low-back pain I've helped many reduce or eliminate low-back pain. In review current research on hypnosis for arthritis pain I came across this National Institutes of...

Holiday stress and depression tips

Holiday stress and depression tips People who know me and know that I am a Healthcare Support Hypnotherapist have been frequently asking me for holiday stress and depression tips. The holidays can be a crazy and busy time. Just trying to buy vegetables for dinner can...


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