medical-hypnosis-working-with-cancer-james-duncan-roger-mooreIf you have a cancer diagnosis, medical hypnotherapy is like receiving an injection of positive thoughts that can help you reduce stress, boost your immune system and ease your pain. In my Seattle hypnosis office, Bainbridge hypnosis office, Forks hypnosis office, at Peninsula Cancer Center and online I teach you mindfulness self hypnosis tools so that you can be in control of your thoughts, emotions and behavior. Give me a call or email me and lets get you scheduled for your injection of positive thoughts.

How the power of hypnosis helped
local girl recover from a devastating
cancer diagnosis

Lancaster Guardian, March 17, 2014: A young Lancaster woman struggling to cope with a diagnosis of a rare form of cancer has found inner strength through the power of hypnosis following her referral to local cancer support charity CancerCare.

“A lot of people think hypnotherapy is just Paul McKenna type stuff but it’s so much more than that” Suzanne Cremin said.

“I think everyone should try it! Hypnotherapy is like receiving an injection of positive thoughts.

“During the session you are put into a deep state of relaxation. It really helped me deal with my anxieties.

“It has also given me new mental strength, clarity, and way of coping better with everyday life.

“It has also brought some stability back into my life and given me motivation to start looking forward to my future – I’ve started exercising again, something I had previously given up on.

“And, I am also getting married next year to my wonderful finance! Both our worlds came crashing down the day I was told I had cancer but now I feel I’ve turned a corner and am starting to feel stronger and happier every day.

Read How the power of hypnosis helped local girl recover from a devastating cancer diagnosis

Living with cancer creates physical, mental and emotional stress that can cause more pain and suffering. When you learn medical hypnotherapy and focus on the wonderful things that unfold before you.

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